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  1. Hi...I'm an Eagle Scout from Decatur, Alabama who is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Chapter at Auburn University, Auburn Alabama. (A Phi O is the frat. in the back of the Scout Handbook.) To those who know, might know, are,ect...people who are coming to Auburn this upcoming 2002 fall semester I am Rush Chair for our chapter. We are looking for hard working young men who have the scouting spirt. If you are intarested your can check out our website at www.aphio.auburn.edu or e-mail me at ArchWahl@hotmail.com Even if you are not coming to AU and still have questions about A Phi O please f
  2. Not all good deads are rewarded by a meadal. He needs to know this. Sure life is full of dissapointments..but don't expect reward when...according to the scout slogan..good deeds should NOT be done with the expectation of some-sort-of reward. I hate to sound harsh but even if he does'nt get over it...he'll have learned from the experience, and it will help him with his decisions later on, but only if he knows what is expected for him to learn out of it. R.W. Eagle Scout ASM Alpha Phi Omega, Delta 1237
  3. anybody else from Alabama laugh at the "upper 90's and 90% humidity" comment as bad weather?....been there done both those, try about 110 heat index, raining and "un-airconditiond" tents (I've never heard of one with and air-conditioner)...you get used to it...unless there is a tornado, flood, or other such natural happing we go.
  4. In the future your leaders should put some reasearch into the type of camping you are about to venture into. Obvousely they did not relize that a backpacking trip is no place for a heavy, in-the-way "wagon" or wheelbarrel...If it cannot be carred on ones back it has no place on a backpacking trip..period. As for the money situation. The leaders who decided that it would be "neccessary" are the ones I would consider responsoble. They decided to bring it, borrow it, and to make or let the boys handel it. RW. Eagle Scout ASM Alpha Phi Omega, Delta 1237
  5. I find it hard to believe that Ordeal was held during a summer camp week in a summer camp that was in operation. Most lodges have a policy or even bylaw that requires Ordeal not to be held until after tap-out. This may be part of your problem.
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