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  1. Is there a form to fill out after a boy has fulfilled the requirements for the World Conservation Award for a Boy Scout?
  2. My son went through juggling sports and scouting since he was six and now he is an Eagle Scout. I remember when he was elected SPL and he was picked for the middle school baseball team. He asked his coach if he could miss the first practice because he needed to go on a trip and he had a responsibility to the troop. He was scared to ask because most coaches don't care or understand but his coach said that it was fine. I wish more coaches understood the importance of Scouting. We have had multi sports boys and band members in our troop. We recently had 5 boys that started Cub Scouts together make Eagle. 2 played High School football and baseball, 2 were band members, one was on the track team and was a trainer. It can be done, you just have to learn how to manage your time. A lot of has to do with the parents, you can't do everything but you can find time for what is important. I've carried my son to several campouts after a football or baseball game. He loves sports and Scouting and I love to spend time with him.
  3. I need some ideas for what would be a good movie for requirement 5 where you have to watch a movie that shows how the actions of one individual or group can have a positive effect on the community. The only one I can think of is Hoot, a movie about 3 kids that fight for the rights of some burowing owls in Florida. I'm sure their are alot of good ideas in here. Thanks
  4. Bear12

    Eagle Scout question

    Thanks everyone for all the insight. I can understand all the confusion on when and how to recognize a Eagle Scout. Every troop probabaly handles it differently. In the past we have kept up with the boys path well. It has been a learning experience for all the other Scouts on what it takes to get from Life to Eagle. The Scouts keep the Troop informed on his project and his paperwork to let everyone know where he stands. We've had a couple of boys get real close to Eagle and they just stopped. We tried everything we could to help because we knew they would regret it later and they did. You never know what kind of problems a youngster is going through. Maybe if we had encouraged them a little more it might have made a differece. I try to keep up with all the boys, some play sports and others are in the band, some have different interest. I talk to them every chance I get about how things are going in there life. It means a lot to young people that someone cares about them. The regulations in a book might say when is the appropiate time to congratulate someone but I firmly believe we should take every opportunity to pat a kid on the back. It's a big deal for a boy to earn every rank. Sometimes we get caught in a rut and forget the most important thing, the boys. I've learned a valuable lesson in all this, I need to do more to help. My son and I talked to the SM over the weekend. I apologized for not helping more, I ask to do more all the time. He told me it is hard for him to ask for help. He said he has a hard time remembering things and speaking in public. I told him any of us committtee members would be glad to help.I don't mind speaking in front of a group or writing a script. The bottom line is this we all as a troop let a boy down, me included. A valuable lesson is this; It is not Scoutmaster Scouts, Assistant Scoutmaster Scouts or Committee Member Scouts - it's Boy Scouts. They have to come first. Pride got in my way I could have easily stood up and said something about my son completeing his EBOR.If had been someone else's son I would have without hesitation. We are going to the next meeting, my son and I love scouting. There are no hard feelings and we are looking for a great ECOH. I wrote a script for the ECOH, Scout Motto - Be prepared. Since my first post the SM has received his certificate from the National Office. He is now officially an Eagle Scout.
  5. Bear12

    Eagle Scout question

    Thanks for all the advice and letting me voice my frustration. It will all work out. I know how much time and effort it takes to be a SM, I've been the head of a good size volunteer organization and worked at my job five to six days a week. I went everywhere with a cell phone,a notebook and two pens to keep up with all my responsibilities. I know how easy it is to make a mistake. I thank the SM at least 2 or 3 times a month for all he is doing because I know how hard it is. I"m always there to help and go on at least 3/4 of the trips. I said this because I"m not one of the dads that just drop my son off and let everyone else handle it. I learned a long time ago that no one is perfect but when you make a mistake you need to fix it immediately. It wasn't just the lack of mention at the COH, the SM has had time before the COH to congratulate him or just talk but for some reason we can't understand he has not chosen to do so. It's possible he's going through something we don't know about and it's bothering him. Beavah my son has been let down by adults before and he is not easily offended and is very forgiving.He don't need a kick in the rear, he needs a pat on the back.My son will have no problem forgiving him, all he has to do is ask. Thanks again, I will take the first step and talk to the SM so we can work it out. Hopefully this will be a good learning lesson for him.
  6. Bear12

    Eagle Scout question

    Thanks for replying, Your congratulations is more than the Scoutmaster has given him. My son wants to wait until late spring for his ECOH, he plays varsity baseball. We have our COH and Christmas party together, it's our big event of the year, most parents and grandparents are there. All he wanted was some acknowlegement, a pat on the back a kind word or something. This would have been a great way to encourage all the other Scouts, seeing how all this hard work payed off.I wanted to see if I was in the wrong about asking the SM why he didn't say something, it was his excuse about not having the certificate yet but his main excuse was he just forgot. The SM was with him at the BOR two weeks before, how can someone forget something that important? I told the SM how hurt my son was and asked him to call and talk to him about it but it's been three weeks with no call. What to do, my son don't feel right about going back to meetings and I haven't been either. This should be a joyous time but so far it has not been.Until now we have all gotten along well. What would you do in a case like this?
  7. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. My son had his Eagle Board of Review over month ago, he was signed off and his paperwork was sent to the national office.I have a strange question, exactly when do you become an Eagle Scout? I've been told it's after you pass your board and others said it's when you receive your certificate from the national office.The reason I ask this question is that during our last court of honor while handing out ranks and merit badges our Scoutmaster did not mention him completing his board of review or congratulate him at all. He said he completely forgot about it saying anything about it because he didn't have his certificate yet. This is his first Scout to make Eagle, I thought he would be overjoyed. My son is deeply hurt and don't want to go back to the Scout meetings. I need advice, Thanks.