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  1. My oldest son refers to his camp skillet as oklahoma due to the shape.
  2. Hello- I am a packmaster from Oklahoma. I have been doing this for two and a half years, and our motto has been,"what we lack in experience, we make up for with Will power and fun." Since our CC and I took over, we have doubled our size each year, and now find ourselves looking around saying to ourselves, "Holy Crapola" I look forward to sharing ideas, thoughts, and enjoyment on the forums. John
  3. We have had a couple of scouts that were like that. Our leadership has no problem sitting a scout down with their parent and explaining how things work in our pack. Usually it does the trick. The very first meeting we have with our dens every year deals with respect, and what we expect from our scouts. I realize that boys will be boys at times, however, that is not an excuse for poor behavior on a continued basis. I might be biased though, I think the fact that several of our leaders ride motorcycles, have beards, and wear mohawks sometimes leads the scouts to listen a little more. On a side note, the kids(and parents) love earning their hawks for their first campout.
  4. Our Council has asked us(the Pack) to start reactivate an old troop that our Charter Org had in the 40's. We live in a small town, so other than creating a new one, we are kinda stuck. We are working on a couple of plans -Lucky for us, this next group of Webelos I have now are just finishing the 4th grade...They plan on going as a group together.
  5. What we have done is now that all our boys have received their Webelos badge, we took a meeting to discuss what it takes to be and troop, and the difference in how they are run. We talk about becoming Boy Scouts, and finishing the Arrow of Light. We make a few goals, and then decide on a patrol name, flag design, and patch design. This year, during a pack Meeting, we issued the boys with their new Brown shirts with their patrol patch pinned on upside down. We told them they had to do a service project of their choosing to get the patch righted. After they did that, when we went to the next campout, I presented them with thei flag that they designed. So now my 2nd year Webelos feel like a patrol, and the bears are already looking forward to earning their flag.
  6. The Problem we have is that our Pack out camp our Boy Scouts 6 to 1. As in We have gone on 6 campouts as a pack, and numerous Webelos campouts in the past 2 years, and the scouts haven't. In fact, the only Boy Scouts that have been, have come along with us because we were going, and they were last years webelos who wanted to go. I worry that my boys will cease to enjoy scouting once they leave Webelos. As for #12 and #4, our Council allowed us to use the Council camps to fulfill both Requirements.
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