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  1. LauraT7 My 2 cents It sounds like its time for an all adult. meeting. Yes, invite the UC and COR also anyone else on your district training committee that will listen. Gather all the adults and let them know what you see. With the knowledge and moral support of you higher ups you should be able to get the program back together. With having adults interested in different areas you just need them to work as a team for the common cause "The Boys" Don't give up, Remember if the boys aren't enjoying activities as a troop you have a good chance of losing more before its all over. YIS jethehiker
  2. jethehiker

    Done it before?

    well folks, I'm glad to see I am not alone. We are doing our planning meeting for 2002-2003 soon. And this subject has come up with what will be discussed at the meeting. We did not get many boys into the troop last year but did good this year, so when trying to determine what would be an agenda for our monthly camping trip those words seem to pop up "Done it before". However not for the new boys, and with new boy leadership and knowing what to expect some feel we could focus more on completing requirements rather then planning the trip and the camp set-up (this includes me). I to have heard the parents say but he just did that last year at the WEBELOS campout. so as AdvanceOn put it "Great, you should have no problem showing your skill once again " I think some of the problem the parents and scouts with this line of thinking is before a cub crosses over they need to be made aware of what can cross over with them and what can not. this should be done when they visit the troop for the first time when they are WEBELOS. Well , thats my 2 cents YIS jethehiker
  3. jethehiker

    Minimum time to achieve Eagle Scout rank

    Bob White Sorry to get off track, But I think the input from all sides in the end was worth the side tracking. I am always interested in seeing other points of view on subjects like this. I hope nighthawk found what he was looking for after all that was said. YIS jethehiker
  4. jethehiker

    Minimum time to achieve Eagle Scout rank

    Rooster7 & Dan I do agree that ability over age must be considered, and 15 is not to young. But unless the boy is a real exception and 110% dedicated I just don't see how he can really accomplish what is needed and really grasp a full knowledge of all the requirements for the ranks and MB's. My son will be getting his 1st class soon and has started thinking of his trail to eagle. I know with his abilities (time requirements aside) he could complete all the requirements in a year. But after listing all his needed requirements and talking with him, he understands that enjoying his accomplishments at a moderate pace would be better then rushing through them. We have an aggressive troop program, Camping every month, MB councilors within the troop that cover all the required, the resources are there. and again I ask "Whats the Hurry" does getting Eagle at 13 - 14 make the scouting experience more enjoyable ?????.
  5. jethehiker

    Minimum time to achieve Eagle Scout rank

    slontwovvy My Point exactly YIS jethehiker
  6. jethehiker

    Minimum time to achieve Eagle Scout rank

    I Don't sound off much about this stuff. BUT is there a race I was not made aware of. I am just trying to think of what good does it do if a boy blasts through the program and all the required Merit Badges to achieve Eagle so fast "Does he really learn..??" or is it best to follow the norm when achieving these things.
  7. jethehiker

    So, What would you do? or have done?

    Hi Folks Have been without a computer for a while (Moved) but now I am back up and running. Very interesting thread. My views 1. Making a boy participate in front of his Troop is no big deal these are the guys he needs to feel comfortable with, and I believe its builds self-esteem and may lead to a boy breaking away from his natural shyness. 2. What to do with unruly boys, well depends on the time and place. If it is at night when its lights out I remind them that I get at up 5:30 AM no matter what time I fall asleep (old military habit) and so will they if they are not quiet and yes I have been known to wake up one or two. well thats my 2 cents YIS
  8. jethehiker

    Webelos Retention

    sctmom A great source for den chiefs is the Cub summer camp commissioner. most Boy Scouts who really believe in the program join as summer camp staff and like working with Cubs. I know it works I used it as a Cubmaster. YIS jthehiker
  9. jethehiker

    Boards of Review and SM Conferences

    bob Not a SM but good info . as fo ryour questions. I believe there are 7 Scout
  10. jethehiker

    ASM duties

    Remember me the 1 of 6 ASM's well here is how we do it. 1. Each patrol has an ASM with a backup assigned to it , this is for guidance only. 2. Each ASM has a specific job (Monthly camping, Summer Camp, Fundraising, Advancement for specific areas, Recruitment, Equipment maintenance) just to list a few it seems to work. You just need to find everyones abilities and ask for help. dan, if you have skills that will help the program let the SM and CC know, even approach the SPL with this information. Maybe they don't know what you can do. ( I am the grubmaster, for the leaders and when we do Troop cooking) Well thats my 2cents YIS jethehiker
  11. Good subject bob, so lets have some more input on it. I am very interested since I have maybe 4 - 5 new scouts coming in March. We have lost 2 out of 5 in the past,first year. if this can help I want to know how. YIS jethehiker
  12. jethehiker

    Webelos Retention

    Chippewa29 I have nothing to add to this thread, I think everyone has covered it. How ever I think bob has come up with a new thread on the "First Class first year" issue so I will start it. Yis jethehiker
  13. jethehiker

    Inactive SPL/ Relunctant SM

    le Voyageur Good Idea, however the leader we did lose is the COR and the CC's son is the ASPL, so as you can see this is not an easy fix. But you are right if things were different it would be the way to go, along with the UC as a mediator. Thanks YIS Jethehiker
  14. jethehiker

    Lots of Life

    yarrow Did they all x-over around the sametime, if so I would say its ok , if there is a good amount of time between x-over groups you might want to look at the older Scouts progress towards eagle . Do u do any high adventure for them, I know some scouts who just hung around for the Activities , nothing wrong with that . however if its what they want maybe you can suggest they join a Venture group. Hope this helps YIS jethehiker
  15. jethehiker

    Chat Room Anybody??

    Hey everyone, Nice chatting with you last night will keep checking everynight J Erickson ASM Troop 543 Trailblazer District Long Island, N.Y.