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  1. Hey Chippewa 29, as a commissioner, I've had to deal with similar problems with troop committees and SM's elsewhere in your council recently. There are always resources you can fall back on. Your friend in DC had some valid info and I'm sure his dad will give you all the advice you need if you call him. You may need to convince the troop committee to allow a team from the commissioner's team to come in and do some training.
  2. As an OA Advisor, I just want to say that anyone wanting to have anything to do with the OA needs to learn about it from their local lodge/chapter. One of the things I'm starting in my own area is an informational briefing at our SM Specific Training events. It's not in the syllabus, but a voluntary extra session. Troops can have callouts at out-of-council camps, but only after their lodge approves it and relays that approval to the camp. As another posting mentioned, they can only receive the ordeal at their own council/lodge setting. On another note, reading the post from ASM1,
  3. The Girl Scouts do have a neat looking forest green Blazer, at least in the catalog pictures. And you don't have to beat Tiger Woods to get one. Venturers do have an official uniform although the crews can decide to make their own if they wish too. The only requirement then would be that the whole crew had to wear it. The Venturing pants/short are what the Boy Scout pant/shorts should be like, lots of pockets. It's a charcoal gray color. The back pockets can have the inside thread cut to enlarge the depth, like the shorts Columbia made for Philmont in the past. The shirt is like the
  4. Please tell me you're kidding about Philmont going up to $415 next year (2002)!!!
  5. I have to agree with the last couple of threads by eisley and Tiny1pg. There are exceptional 12 year olds out there, but they have to be really exceptional to make Eagle. It is possible, but rare, and reading about the mom making calls and less than one handful of scouts available makes me wonder who is doing the service project and where is the leadership demonstrated in getting his fellow scouts to complete a project of service to others? There is more to life than scouting, even though it doesn't feel like it at times. What has this boy done other than scouts to get this far in two years
  6. There is no rule that says the male Venturer has to finish up his Eagle requirements, that's an option left up to him. It's the cherry on the sundae. So a female Venturer can't earn the Eagle, big whoop. Neither can a male Venturer who's never been a Boy Scout or completed First Class. It's not a question of fairness, not everything has to be politically correct. It's an option for the male to continue to work on his Eagle if he wants without having to spend additional time with a troop he may have outgrown. As a matter of fact, a Venturing Crew doesn't have to be co-ed. The same can
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