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  1. The guy sounds like a dirt-bag. Everyone is right- Get an attorney . Scouting is not supposed to be like this, They of all people should be great to work for as they are in a people business. I would contact all the other folks who have worked for Mr Dirt Bag get them to attest to and agree with your claims. Then I would sue this Council silly. Everyone is also right when they say that Scouting has become a good-old boys club. Once you do this you will probably never be employed by them again. I think you will find that's the good news. Scouting is at its best at the volunteer unit level. Once
  2. In your intial writing you did not indicate if you personally saw all this happen. You also did not mention if you committee chairman was present or your Scoutmaster was present. Any adult witnessing this kind of action has a duty to stop it and report it. The Committee Chairman and Scoutmaster have a duty to deal with this if they are aware of the situation. The only special meeting that need occur is one where they report on the actions they have taken. That's why they get paid the big bucks ;-) . If there was truly abuse then your Scout Executive needs to be informed. Different Scout Execu
  3. Years ago I served on an Eagle Board of Review. I learned prior to the BOR that this young man illegally parked his car every day and had an excessive amount of parking tickets. These tickets had not been dealt with at all according to reports. I could imagine the headlines reading Eagle Scout arrested fo having outstanding tickets. During his BOR I asked him to tell me the duties of a US citizen. He seemed to understand them or at least be able to verbalize what he thought I was after. I then asked him to go out to his car which he had driven to the BOR and bring in his parking tickets. ( He
  4. I'm curious how did this come up? Did the Scout admit to this during a Scoutmaster conference? Did he get in trouble at someone's house? Was he arrested? If this is not happening on Scouting activities then how did you become aware of it? Next question is who is supplying him ? In most states that against the law. If you know this is going on don't you have a duty to inform someone to protect the youth ? While what he is doing is wrong- I'm kind of worried about you
  5. I agree with the idea of the Scoutmaster and Committee Chairman meeting to discuss the direction of the Troop. Sounds like there are two different directions. You made mention of the Scoutmaster and one assistant chasing away committee members. Doesn't sound like much of a team to me. The committee chairman should be coordinating the Troop Leadership (Both Scoutmasters, Assistants and the Troop Committee ) down the same path together. If that is not happening then you need to get there quick. In your condition I would organize a nominating committee to review the needs of the unit and recruit
  6. I have to question where your SM is if you are having challenges. There is a chain of command in Scouting. It is there to use and as a protection for its leaders both youth and adult. If a youth member cannot resolve behavior problems of youth members then its time for the Scoutmaster to step in and deal with the problem. The first issue is program. If you are running a good program that interests the Scouts discipline problems will be limited. They will naturally want to pay attention. If your program is mediocre then that is your problem not discipline. If you have "problem scouts" and
  7. Council and District activities are meant to help supplement a units program- not replace it. I don't mean to sound disloyal to a Council or District but folks need to vote with their feet. In forty years of being in Scouting I have seen some great Council events and some poor Council events. I have always maintained that Council and District events should be great events to show units how things are properly done. Sometimes the only way to get the message to Council and District folks is to say either improve the event to the standards of the units or delete or replace the event so that Scout
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