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  1. I just turned 16. My troop just started. I just got tenderfoot. Is it possible for me to become eagle?
  2. patches for tradingbut uniform patches could also be handy.
  3. My troop just started and has little money or contacts for patches. As a spl i am reaching out to the scouting community to see if there are any unwanted patches old or new that we could get. My troop would be grateful. Your friends from Northern New York, Troop 25.
  4. My troop just started in upstate new york. We would be grateful to take these patches into our loving home. We would like to start patch trading and such but have nothing to work with.
  5. hello, can anyone tell me what the woodbadge is and why we need it
  6. No you two. Our scout master was going to do cooking and people from the council stepped in and said wait until our first class. Our sm has little to do with it
  7. The council told us that we shouldnt be trying for merit badges until first class, or at least thats what i was told by our scoutmaster. We werent informed of first class first year until later and they didnt specify much about that. Can i get more info regarding what to do and more info about the program acco40 was talking about
  8. Would anyone help me start a patch magazine featuring diferent patches every month. I think this could be turned into a great service project. Problem is is that i dont have many patches. Anyone willing to help.
  9. Are patrol leaders aloud to sit on and advise council meetings.
  10. Hello everybody.My troop just started and i am about to be tenderfoot, but our council is saying that they dont want us doing any merit badges until we are first class. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of rule or are they just trying to keep us from looking better than other older troops.Sincerely mouse scouter.
  11. Hello. I am from the adirondak council in New York,usa. i am interested in making friends from other states and councils through trading. if you are interested then email me.
  12. amouse


    Hey,im a new patrol leader and in first year of scouting any suggestions
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