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  1. I am seeking advise on Scouting software. I have found several on the market (troopmaster, pack n' file, scoutmate, etc.) that track advancement, finances, membership, etc... I am looking for something that is a good tool while being a good value at the same time. Can anyone offer some opinions what they use or have used? Thanks.
  2. We have tried to sit down and talk about how it works. That didn't work. We gave him a role as an ASM for a patrol. Instead of mentoring the PL, he was running the show. Asked him to be Chaplain and assist the Aide. He did all the planning and took over Scout's Own (left the Aide basically standing there). Has volunteered in committee for jobs but not finished any of them. I don't like pushing people away but I am running out of ideas.(This message has been edited by altabill)
  3. One more important fact I left out. The Scout transferred to us about 9 months ago from another troop. He came to us as a Star Scout. He is thirteen years old.
  4. The committee chair and the Scoutmasters (SM & ASs) are having a bit of a disagreement. Allow me to set up the background. Last weekend our troop went camping. At the outing, a dad (not one of the Scoutmasters) approached the SPL. He informed the SPL (in the for of a question, sort of..."This is okay, right?") that he and his son would be riding their bikes instead of doing the planned troop activity. There were conversations with the boy and his father. However, the father still took his son bike riding while the others did the troop event. This is one incident. There are
  5. Bob, One boy is okay with the placement. The other is not (or at least his mom is not). The SPL did not decide but it was a collaborative decision by the patrol leader's council (including the flaming arrows patrol). They discussed it and moved the boys, together, to a place where they thought the boys and the troop would benefit most. I don't think any patrol would overwhelmingly "want" either of these boys. Some boys would like to have them in their patrol while others would oppose their joining. I guess my questions come down to these... #1: In this instance, do we suppo
  6. I have looked through the various posts but can't seem to find the answer to this question. Forgive me if it has been asked and answered already. Our troop has about 24 boys in five patrols. One of our patrols, we'll call it the Flaming Arrows, was strong. Its members crossed over last year and were doing well. For reasons that really dont matter here, the Flaming Arrows went down in flames (forgive the pun). Yesterday they lost two boys and are now down to only two boys. Both of these boys are 12 years old (almost 13). They are both 1st Class. There is a patrol at their same
  7. We have had the same problem...Scouts volunteering for leadership positions and then not fulfilling their responsibilities. Even with reminders from the SPL and counseling from the SM, they still do not do their jobs. One thing our boys we have done is determine a heirarchy of leadership positions. Our PLC determined that some leadership positions were more critical than others. They decided that they would fill the SPL, ASPL, Scribe, Quartermaster, Librarian, and Chaplain's Aide first (in that order). Once these positions were filled, they address the other positions. Some posit
  8. "Teach them. Train them"...I believe we already do that. This boy is almost 15-years old. He earned his Totin' Chit when he was twelve. He knows what a knife is and how it is supposed to be used. Not being taught is is not an excuse for the behavior Timm describes. I agree that zero tolerance rules can sometimes backfire (as pointed out in the case of the boy with the GI Joe gun or accidently having a kitchen knife in a school lunch). However, the incident described is was not a "mistake". You bet it was stupid. However, it was intentional. This kid took a tool, used it as a
  9. I have been searching the web for an award that recognizes an individual Scout for milestones in camping. All I can find is unit awards. Does the BSA offer awards (patches) for individual achievement?
  10. I am having trouble with Scouts in my unit canceling at the last minute. Over the past few months several Scouts have decided just prior to a campout departure not to attend. This is putting extra work on patrol leaders who have to re-plan supplies, duty rosters, etc. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on what other units do in these situations?
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