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  1. Never mind about the hat, just found it under uniforms/hats as opposed to apparel/hats. It's now called the 'Brimmed Hat'. $35. I still prefer the much earlier hat emblem to the newer round one, though.
  2. Thanks for the replies....I'll supply a little more background. Personally I'm in favor of a complete official uniform, socks and all, and I always wear my complete one to set an example. So far it hasn't worked, as most of the adults and older scouts wear only a shirt, if even that much. Some adults have tried to encourage better uniforming, but usually just in terms of a tucked-in shirt, which is about all they'll get when they're in jeans themselves. So, during discussions of trying to do better, we heard the typical complaint of cost. I've seen many times comments
  3. I've seen many comments regarding the finding of cheaper pants that are near-copies of the official pants, in particular the old/new switchbacks...can anyone provide me with a reliable source? Whenever I try places like Walmart I can't find anything equivalent. Our troop is attempting a stricter uniform policy and we're considering 'close-enough' pants rather than official uniform pants, if they're visually the same AND cheaper. Of course, if there isn't a reliable source I can refer parents to of cheaper pants, then perhaps that's an argument in favor of the official ones....I can ask
  4. As I scout we used scraps of leather, fake or actual. A vertical slot stays on the button well, and you just stitch the tab to the top of the patch. For the thrifty, old purses, wallets, or other leather goods can serve as donors for many scraps. Tooling-grade leather is not needed.
  5. There are no rules, do what you like! If your stick has a thinner bark, you can get some nice carving detail by carving through the bark to show a lighter wood. You can do nice textures this way as well. I like to carve a date or year to remember events you had the staff at. You can also make it more useful in an emergency. A wrap of fine cord can serve as a grip, as well as being removable for use as rope if needed. In the same manner you can put a coil of fishing line, or dental floss, or waxed cord...none take up much space or weight but will be there if you
  6. You mentioned Salem....if you're going up there check out their tall ship recreation: http://www.salemweb.com/frndship/ The Peabody/Essex Museum is fantastic if your scouts are interested in history, if they're literature-fans there's the House of Seven Gables. I believe there's a nice fast ferry that goes between Salem and Boston, which would be another experience and convenient if you're based in Boston. A traditional favorite used to be the viewing deck from the top of the Prudential center or the newer Hancock tower...not sure if they ever reopened those after 2001, unf
  7. From the reprint of the 1911 manual: To obtain a merit badge for Pathfinding a scout must 1. Know every lane, by-path, and short cut for a distance of at least two miles in every direction around the local scout's headquarters in the country. 2. Have a general knowledge of the district within a five-mile radius of his local headquarters, so as to be able to guide people at any time, by day or night. 3. Know the general direction and population of the five principal neighboring towns and be able to give strangers correct directions how to reach them. 4. Know in the
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