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  1. Rooster7, I can understand your annoyance. I reread your original post and can understand the position you are taking. No one hear said God had to use evolution. I am simply saying the evidence is clear He did. If you were simply setting up a hypothetical, my profound apologies. I did not respond to your complaint because you ignored my hypothetical situation and complained about being taken out of context. My comments indicated that your comments would be problematic in a very specific context - questioning the faith of a boy because he accepts the evidence for evolution. I do
  2. Scomman, I expected disagreement from you. When you talk of terms like theory, they have a different meaning in a scientific context. Theory means that it is a well established explanation for the observe phenomenon. That is why both gravity and evolution are referred to as theories. Quote mining does not address the validity of the theory. Especially when the statements are as hopelessly out of date as the ones you are using. In order look at them. The first is Darwin. When he wrote the Origin of Species, we did not have genetics, DNA analysis or a myriad of other methods o
  3. Scomman, You are right, "There are plenty of authors and scientists who come down on both sides of the debate." Generally, the authors of questionable books come down on one side and the scientists the other. Very few trained scientists favor creationism. Such folks are anomalies. As I said earlier, I am glad you are reading on the subject. If you care to broaden your choice of reading material on the subject, I can make some recommedations. I read both of the books you recommended years ago and found them seriously wanting. The arguments were weak, old and uninformed. Aging
  4. Rooster7, You seem to be confusing the ideas of Lamarck with those of Darwin. Lamarck died in 1829 years before Darwin took his voyage on the Beagle. He thought that creatures could will changes, i.e., the giraffe can't quite reach the leaves in the trees and wills his neck to lengthen. If you confuse this with natural selection, I can understand why you find evolution ridiculous. You are absolutely right that such willful changes don't happen and if they did, they would not be inherited. Evolution works on populations. Those individuals within a population that are better adapt
  5. Sorry Scomman, but your analysis of both the Theory of Evolution and Micheal Denton's book are far off the mark. Closer to the truth is the statement by Theodosius Dobzhansky that "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution". Denton's 1985 book has long since been debunked and is certainly out of date. The notion that scientists are abandonning evolution and it is ready for the ash heap is simply untrue. You also mentioned Phillip Johnson's book, Darwin on Trial. Both Denton and Johnson consistently misrepresent the Theory of Evolution and the evidence supporting
  6. I know that many think they are too loud and maybe too expensive (about $100), but I still prefer my Dragonfly. The stove allows me accurately adjust flame level for the proper cooking temperature. I can cook some great food with this one. It allows for multiple fuels and works great in the cold winters that we have up here. I love it. As with any pressurized fuel appliance, proper care and knowledge are a must. No good leader should take any such equipment out with scouts unless they understand and apply the wisdom from the Guide to Safe Scouting.
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