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  1. Dear Joni4TA, thanks for your reply. It addressed what my major concern is. I have seen other female adult leaders (non-ASM) take on the same role as you. My troop secretary has the best Scout spirit and so her son is one of the youngest (& most mature) Eagle Scouts we have. It's not that she's bossy, but is there to "lend a hand." She and the CC's wonderful wife are exactly the models I need in order to be productive on the troop level. I understand now that we have the freedom to help without an actual title other than MC. Thank you for your response. I can serve now with humble
  2. All valid points. As a trained leader for my position (which is pre-requisite for Wood Badge) I know well the slogan "Every Boy deserves a trained leader." I am particularly aware of the different opportunities for training for ASMs and so I will follow-up with him regarding this vital need. But please folks, what about me? Can I be part of this "new adventure?" What about the anonymous saying "You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child?" It's not like I'm looking at my son's patrol, but I want to help all the younger Scouts. There are deficiencies that I think I can
  3. Hi guys, I've been a little out there but something has come up with my son's patrol that this thread may be addressing. I've been through Wood Badge but I don't have the stamina to be an ASM. However, one of the dads of my 12 year old's patrol of 4 wants to be an ASM. He has told me that he is not that knowledgeable about Scouting but sees a lot of hazardous situations that could be averted with the right leadership. I want to help but I feel that I have no role as a committee member. I feel that I could help him with our son's patrol but I am not sure how to do that? Could you guys giv
  4. Hi Judy, I got notification on my thread about a month ago but couldn't respond so here I am. You can email me directly at encourager@optonline.net. Hope to hear from you--Sylvia
  5. Hi Sparkie, I am all for training as well. It adds to the support you feel when you hear similar stories and can even help the next person. Please enlighten me, I have heard about the greatness of the Woodbadge training but what in the world is Okpik? YIS, Sylvia
  6. Hi guys, I am really surprised that no one has even mentioned the Great Yawgoog Scout Camp in Rhode Island. Every troop in Suffolk County, Long Island either goes or wishes it can. Sylvia
  7. Hi CubmasterFred and all, I have seen a waning of interest for yugioh by my fourth grader but it's not completely dead yet. I had such a hard time with him last year--that I hid all his cards for about 6 months. I really have to say that as a former catechist I got a little worried about Egyptian Gods card and he was using other foreign phrases that honestly I couldn't understand him. But he's doing better now and like I said it isn't as popular as it used to be. Sylvia
  8. Hi Singmee, Welcome to the "campfire". I like this forum. It has answered a lot of my questions and are very welcoming--I am just extending what I received. I have a first-year webelo and am on the Pack's committee. Good luck to you and your bears, Sylvia
  9. Words of wisdom, E. I do have a lot on my plate and take my word for it, everybody sees me as the solution to the DL problem. But I have fortunately learned when to say NO. If I didn't say no, I would not be as happy with scouting as I am. But good news, everyone, ADL called DL and the rest of my den mates, and we all met tonight. DL needs the den to feel better about what's happening on the Adv Chair stuff and as far as I was concerned I was content to say good-bye to my son and pick him up 1.5 hrs later. They didn't really do anything that I would absolutely feel that had to get
  10. Hi Lynda, you are funny--do what the rest of you guys do and take over. I really don't want to do any enabling (I'm good at scouting and psychological jargon) and I will wait past tomorrow. I reasoned that if I get a phone call today or by 5pm tomorrow for a den meeting with DL, I'm off the hook. But if not, it is enough reason to speak to DL, CC, CM and all those wonderful people "In Charge" Tomorrow will come soon enough--- YIS, Sylvia
  11. Hi guys, I woke up about two hours ago with a lot on my mind. Family difficulties, the upcoming holidays (that I love), the end of my semester as I near graduation in May. With so much out of my control, where do I "land" but the current problems with my first year Webelos den. I serve on the committee because honestly I knew when I transferred out of my old pack what I was getting into. I thought people were different but a controller is a controller no matter what pack you belong to. At any rate, my new controller had a nice size den and an ADL already. At the same time, my DL was also
  12. Hi BW, I don't really think that she knew what she was doing, firing me and all. But I know that the Council could not remove me right away from the charter right away. Since they "fired" me in September, and the Charter expires in December, I was not really on their that long. At any rate, it was the emotional impact that got to me. I was trained at the District's Committee Challenge and we uncovered a lot of little problems. I really don't think I did anything wrong but I have healed enough to stay with scouting thru all this. Back to the thread, I had the opportunity to fill up th
  13. Hi guys, I'm glad to have read these posts. They are very informative. But I would like to pose this question: Is it always the rule that every position be rotated in a troop committee after a year. I am questioning because I was asked to leave the position of the committee chair by the COR after only 7 months. She had a bad day and took it out on me. She claimed that she was going to end my service by the year anyway....If the troop is small and not a lot of new parents stepping up for service, there isn't a lot of choices of who should be the adult leaders. Can't the term be extended t
  14. Hi Queenj, First check to see if a non-Denomination Award exists by visiting this link: http://www.scouting.org/awards/religious/awards/ I took out my BSA "Duty to God" brochure (5-879B, 2002 Printing) and I can offer this feedback. Some of the Protestant denominations use similar emblems and perhaps that is as close to non-denomination as you get. The brochure has God and Me & God and Family with the same emblem for the following faiths: AME, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, United Methodist, Protestant/United Church of Christ/Community Churches. There may b
  15. Hi JD, There's a lot in your post but here goes: 1. I have a full-color flyer that shows the different emblems for all faiths from BSA. I ran across a website http://www.scouting.org/awards/religious/awards/ that has more info for the emblems. Also, the Church publishes its own series for Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei (Which was just updated over the summer to include the Spanish version.) But for the protestant faith, the website for the publisher is: http://www.praypub.org 2. Cub Scouting includes the earning of religious emblems as part of their program. It's in the Ti
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