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  1. Since our district will have a new chair soon, I'll throw in my two cents. The Wood Badge advice is excellent. Have a Vision for the district. Second, using the old Wood Badge syllabus, Know and Use the Resources of the Group. The two primary responsibilities for the district chair are: Recruitment - Recruitment - Recruitment Finance - FOS!!!!!!! Communications!!!!!!!!! Fill your Vice-Chairs with quality people. Find a good or great program person to be Vice-Chair for Program. That person will oversee Advancement, OA, Camping, Religious Awards, District Activities and the
  2. Lisa - I'm going to give you the Connecticut view of Joe Lieberman. I am going to date myself and many of you may understand. Joe Lieberman is a Kennedy Democrat as in Jack Kennedy - JFK. That means he is conservative on issues of national defense, supporting our allies and some fiscal restraint. On social issues, the old Democratic Party, JFK's Democratic Party, was more progressive on social issues, but no where near what we see today from the Democratic party. That also means decisions are made that are in the best interests of the country, not one party's entitlement seekers.
  3. If Wood Badge is just about the beads, then someone missed the point totally!!!!! As many have stated, it is about the journey, the personal journey, you embark on when you take Wood Badge. And it is the journey never stops. Not when you get your beads, not when your are selected to serve on staff nor when you are fortunate enough to selected Course Director/ Scoutmaster. The journey will continue the rest of your life. The beads are just the small symbol of that personal commitment you make to yourself and to the Scouting movement in general. I have had the great fortune to hav
  4. Just joined after all these years. 20 plus years as a Scouter. I've been a Wolf Den leader through Webelos and Assistant Cubmaster to Assistant Scoutmaster and then Scoutmaster of 2 different troops. Two of my three sons are Eagle Scouts. I'm presently Vice-Chair for Program in my district as well as the Council Vice-Chair for Boy Scout training. With my sons, I've been to Philmont (the knees have never been the same), to Jamborees to Eagle projects and Courts. Now my oldest is a father (a whole month now!)and will soon take his place as a Scouter. Looking forward to a good
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