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  1. Remember to get your old CO to sign off on your equipment and any money the troop has - before you get in a bind with them. Any thing you have belongs to them - not your troop.
  2. Us folks in Southern Mn also have a upcoming course this fall, Still room for anyone to signup. Go to www.twinvalleybsa.org and follow the link. Our first staff devolpment weekend is this weekend, I can hardy wait. Eaglebeader
  3. Howdy Baden, I live in Southern MN, but have been following the fire reports on the Mpls news as I am going myself soon. I was also up there the weekend the fire started. I usally make two to three trips a summer to heaven(read BWCAW). They had heavy rain on Sunday - not enough to put out the fire, but did help some" , they are actually rethinking the number of Fire Fighters the are brining in and are reducing the numbers drasticly. It is contained for the most part and now are being more defensive and planning more back fires, etc. It sounds like it is widing down. Happy paddling, E
  4. Hey Beav, I hope you were not upset with my post, I did not mean to implie anything, just telling what I have told my son. He was diagnosed at age 15. Again it is nice to see you involved in ways you can. Eaglebeader
  5. Hey Beav, I have taken my son along who is insulin dependent, just takes carefull planning and menu planning. We never use NT - prices, rules, and never a chance to do what we want - lead us to a Outfiitter 2 miles from the Canoe base and much cheaper. We have a blast. Not to sound like a DR or anything, but I have allways told my son ( now 21) you manage the diabetes, don't let it manage you!. Good luck - I know it is an everyday battle. I pray for a cure everyday so my son and wife may life a "normal" life. Eaglebeader
  6. Hi everyone, We are filling our course for the fall of 2006 and need a few more bodies, how have others recurited for the course. We have about 30 days to recruit 10 more particapants. What has worked for other councils? We are a small Council in Southern MN and have not had a course since 2002. Please help me brainstorm some ideas. Thanks,
  7. "Thats what the liability insurance national provides is for." Remember that insurance is not to protect you, but to protect them (BSA). Having been in those situtations before, not with BSA but with my former profession (Law Enforcement) you are allways best to seek your own legal council. Sorry if I sound cold, but in these situations it is every man/woman for himself.
  8. in the Deadwood area are some awesome mountian bike trails. A few places out there have bike rentals. Contact the Park Service and have your group take part in a flag cermoney at mt Rushmore, my son is 22 years old now AND STILL TALKS ABOUT HOW AWESOME IT WAS TOO TAKE PART. Just remember to not travel to the Black Hills during Sturgis motorcycle rally (1st couple of weeks in August) it is safe, but rates at most attractions double or triple and camping/lodging is booked 2-3 years in advance and you might have some explaining to do when you get home as the youth will get a eyefull if you are no
  9. At our upcoming Wood Badge course SM and ASM's will wear Smokey the Bear's and all other staff will be issued red berets. Should Look pretty cool.
  10. Thanks, You all echoed what I was feeling. I have known the young man since he was a scout and is truly a good person. I am trying to find out if he is registered. I think that he can overcome his battle and this might do him as much good as it will help the troop. As to background checks they are not done by every council on everyone. In our council they are only done on a case by case basis.
  11. Last night I showed up at a Troop meeting, I have been absent lately(in the background) to let our new SM get his feet under him and have the boys looking to him instead of me (the OLD SM). I was suprised to find a new adult working with the youth. He is an Eagle Scout that has had some hard times of late and recently got out of Chemical Depency inpatient treatment for cocaine and other drugs. I questioned one of the other ASM's and he replied "ya we just don't let him drive the youth'. He never got a DWI/DUI he just had a drug problem and checked himself in. I did not see his application so I
  12. In our troop we use a 12 month permission slip and this incoporates an emergency contact list also, as well as a permission to treat for medical emergencies. The only time we ask for special slips is for High Adventure and Summer Camp. We then can allow youth to sign up by Tuesday the week before camping and Grub is bought on Wed evening. If someone cancels before Wed they do not have to pay, after Wed the pay the full cost of the camp out. As to someone missing from the Patrol when sign up is done, we make sure all PL call absent youth and ask if they are attending.
  13. Oh my gosh - I just read what I wrote. Sorry for the spelling. Thats what I get for trying to work and type at the same time. It is amazing how our jobs interfer with important stuff like SCOUTING.
  14. IMHO socut insurance is a shell game. Although our DE's know say that BSA insurance is primary, but I HAVE YET TO SEE IT IN WRITING. My son was hit by a car while attending Scout a Rama one year.My insurance picked up the entire thing excepect for some minor $400 - 500 range items. Scout insurance would pay nothing! Luckly he is fine now - short of needing special arch supports for foot damage ( the car skidded across his foot at 30 mph.) he is 21 years old and an Eagle Scout. We sued the driver of the car and the mall wear teh event took place. The had refused a request for traffic control de
  15. Yes, you could move to a new CO, but remember that you belong to your current CO and all property (troop owned items, ie camping equipment, trailers, buses, etc) and money in your accounts are theirs not "yours". Your unit belongs to them lock, stock and barrel and if they chose not to release their property to you, when you move - you are just out of luck. Good luck.
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