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  1. Here's some additional infomation concerning our attempts to change councils... Our troop was in the Westmoreland Fayette Council - where we would like to be - a number of years ago. At that time, due to redistricting, we were tranferred into what has now evolved into the Greater Pittsburgh Council. GPC is an uban-oriented council, unlike WFC, which is a smaller and more rural council. Objections to the reassignment were raised at the time, but were evidently ignored or dismissed by the decision makers in charge. Our troop is located at the fringe of the GPC/WFC border. In a me
  2. Here's an overdue update on our request to change councils... Our DE met with the CO, and then with the troop committee. He was quite understanding of our concerns and agreed in principle to our request. (Note here that our Council Scout Executive, to date, has not responded to our letters and calls as he promised he would. Nor have we heard directly from the National Office.) Our DE explained that due to geographical boundaries, the council's Director of Field Services has effectivly nixed our request. The Northeast Region Deputy Regional Director(Michael C. Childers) informed us, via
  3. After numerous discussions and correspondence between the National, NE Region and Council offices, none of which helped us to reach our objective, we will probably let our charter expire and then charter as a new unit in our neighboring council. We do have an organization within our target council that is most willing to be our chartering organization.
  4. Have any troops ever asked their councils for a 'release' to join a neighboring council? If so, what sort of reply did you receive from your home council? We've been involved in such an action since last December, and have not had the matter resolved to our satisfaction.
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