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  1. Yeah I heard about bakery and pizza parlor thing. Don't know all the specifics. CO's have always been able to approve or disapprove of any adult application. They could require that you be a member of their church or group. The new rule isn't going to change any of that. LGBT or not the troop, pack or crew belong to the CO and they have any and all rights to who they will allow to lead their units.
  2. The old Explorer shirt. I remember seeing them on many camp staffs. I think at one time some councils had Explorer Posts that actually met and staffed their council camps. Today you find some Venture crews there. In my troop you wore the Explorer shirt if you were a member of the Leadership Corps. It was snappy. Liked that shirt more then the regular shirt. Instead of a necker Leadership scouts wore a bolo in my troop. Could never get the PLC to okay the beret though. Some of the guys said it looked to French and we were Americans. For inspection I was always told that you rolled the nec
  3. Jefferson wanted to do away with slavery but also wanted to get the blacks out of the U.S. too. He saw a good amount of the prejudice between whites and blacks, even in the northern states. He new that freeing them would bring civil unrest in the country. I think he had also come up with an idea of giving them their own land outside our borders. I guess it would be something like what we did to the Indians and put them on reservations.
  4. NJCubScouter yes all three were at one time slave owners. What walk in the woods omitted to say is that although they owned slaves at one time or another all three also fought in there own ways to eliminate slavery. Not long after the Revolution Franklin got rid of all his slaves and became president of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society. In fact Franklin presented to the First Federal Congress a petition to abolish slavery and the slave trade. I have heard these types of statements before but once you look and see any African American would look pretty bad trying to make these founding father
  5. Fred I think any of us who really believe in and support this program could argue with that.
  6. I've seen the square ones but never actually seen them being worn by a troop of scouts. My SM told us when wearing the necker you had to tuck in your collar that made it way more comfortable. I still have a few of the collarless olive shirts that National once made. A friend of my dads gave them to him back when HQ was still in New Brunswick, NJ. Now those shirts were comforable. I was going to a troop COH as SM and I put on our troop necker, couldn't understand why everyone was looking so funny at me. Then one of the scouts said what did you do to your shirt? Force of habit I had tucked the c
  7. I didn't have one of the fully square neckers, but always had to wear the one we had because it was part of your personal first aid kit. Almost all the differsnt areas hands, arms, legs, feet, and even used as sling. The necker was your personal triangular bandage.
  8. Agreed I am wrong on that, but they will not be able to use religious convictions or belief as a reason. Which is wrong.
  9. Let's see right now (today) ALL CO's have to abide by the policy and IF the new option comes to be only some CO's will still be functioning by the old policy. That I think will bring down the amount of units that may have some sort of litigation brought against them. BSA has always stood behind this promise I see no reason why they would change that. But maybe Mary Poppins has better insight on that then I do.
  10. Now you know why it takes so long for our government to come out with some of its laws and also why there is so much paperwork too. I side with the sisters here. Courts here are wrong and need to find some way for this to happen without stepping on anyones religious beliefs or convictions. Courts are going to be busy. Just wait till the poop hits the fan in CA with the vaccine law that their governor signed into law mandating that ALL children must be vaccinated no excuse.
  11. Totally agree with this. She crossed the line that you can not come back from. No excuse for it whatsoever.
  12. I agree with you. Only thing of any stress that I've had to expierence were from outside my gtroup not within it.
  13. I remember going in my tent to lay down for a little bit. Looked right out the back and there was a spider that just started building his web, before i knew it almost two hours had gone by and he was just finishing off what he had worked so hard at building. It was fantastic!!
  14. You do know that there are religions out there that do not view homosexuality as a sin? Well now these units, if they desire can allow gays to lead their units, those that still believe it shouldn't be are welcome to not allow it. To me its more a point of respect then of creating different"classes". Not to be smart here but where I come from two thirds is more inclusive then just one third. Now as I have said in an earllier post I have no problem with what value system you choose to live by, but please don't tell me that your system is the only "right" system either. I am just couriious as to
  15. Now this I totally disagree with. There are some religions out there that do not exclude gays and in fact welcome them to even serve within their group. Unless you are only willing to recognize those religions that believe only as you do.
  16. I make no assumption as to BSA service as the only way to develop young men. Young men have have been developed for a long time without BSA, I just believe it is a good way to do it not the only way. I was only quoting the phrase "its all about the boys" that I have seen used on this forum by members on both side of the line. I was in scouting when the big issue was whether women could or should be part of Boy Scout program in positions as SM and ASM and many of those that insisted that we would be "feminizing" our young men or "women don't have the ability to help young boys become men". I h
  17. Good point. I was always under the belief that it was all about the boys. I couldn't understand either why so many complained and walked away when BSA finally allowed women to be SM and ASM.
  18. Check out this HBO series called "Vice" I think you could really relate to what is happening there on episode 10 season 3. They are definately your kind of people.
  19. Yeah problem with many of them is that "their" religion and "their" beliefs are the only ones that count or mean anything.
  20. Have any of you guys read what is here? This poor kid is having his whole world come in on him. We all know how great parents are when it comes to divorce and custody battles.You could have most likely taken him to Disney World and he still would have not enjoyed it. It looks like it was known througout the troop too. Now along comes this other boys mom, who already has him in the cross hairs ready to finish him off. Yeah I feel bad about the son and dad, but not as much as I do the actual victim. He most likely needs some serious help and more then anything understanding on how to deal
  21. Neither could I. But that doesn't keep me from knowing what is right or wrong. Walking on water or not this mother was WRONG.
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