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    • I wonder if there's not a couple of things going on these days.  First, I think there are a lot of folks that knew or remember how the Vietnam vets were treated when they came home.  There's some desire, at least in some parts of society, to make up for that societal disgrace.  It can't be taken back, but, a different attitude can be shown moving forward.  I think the second thing that's happening is we're now what 40 years into the all volunteer force.  There are two generations of citizens that realize they didn't even have to consider serving.  I wonder if some folks are coming to terms with that reality.  OEF/OIF are the first sustained, on-tv-every-night operations in a generation.  The idea of military service is in their living rooms again.  I figure when people say thanks for your service, they aren't talking to me, I'm just a guy that represents all vets, at that moment, to that person.  It's uncomfortable because I know where I belong in hierarchy.  But, I try to be gracious and then take a few minutes to remember and be grateful myself.
    • Around this time of year is a great time to talk to parents about may come under a Christmas tree.  I always seemed to get a knife every year for many reasons.  I'm sure there are a lot of scouts and scouters that can lend a can opener type for this requirement.  I am not one for loaning knives as someone always wants to pry and break a tip off.  Before parents go out and spend a lot on their scout's first knife, I would caution that most scouts do three things with their first knife: 1.  have to sharpen it regardless whether it is sharp or not; 2. cut themselves.  nuff said; 3. lose the knife somewhere.  There are lot of used Victorinox knives on the big auction site for cheap bids.  The original 4 blade/tool Boy Scout knife made in Ulster or Camillus worked great.  The current BSA 4 blade knife is from China and costs about $20.  Not my recommendation.  BTW, the orginal blue Cub Scout knife didn't have a can opener, just the spear blade, awl, and bottle opener.   hhhmmm? 
    • So when talking to a group of boy scouts, your going to say, "hey BSA for boys, let's gather 'round to..."?
    • Bare clause!
    • @fotoscout
      You need to communicate your concerns to the Council President.  If you personally know him or any member of the Council's Executive Committee, that would be helpful, but that may not be the case. Your Council's website should have a page showing who the members of the Exec. Committee are and you should be able to track one or two of them down to express your concerns. The SE is not a dictator for life. He can be removed by the Council Pres. and Exec. Committee at any time and for any variety of reasons. What you are sharing here, seems like a very good reason to remove this man from his position.  
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