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    • Other than the email, that is all I do each meeting. We have a Pack FB group that we post events on. We have parents stay for announcements along with posting them in the group and texting out as we need. I am hoping that with Scoutbook, I will not be able to send out a weekly email like I do for my GS troop with upcoming things, deadlines, and schedule.
    • I wonder if the intent with the Blastcars was to provide a source of parts for someone building their own model: i.e. axles, wheels, eyelets, etc...   It might be an easier source of parts if the Scout in question doesn't have access to a fully stocked hobby shop where they could get what they need for their own model.
    • Good luck!  As a former Pack CC here are some of the things that I think helped us to have a good relationship with parents. 1. think of the CC as the Pack's cruise director.  I always felt part of my role was to help parents navigate the process.  Never assume parents already know something.  Always be ready to explain things. 2. the value of communication.  We had a very active pack email list for parents.  Something would go out to every family two or three times a week.  Announcements about sign ups, service projects, pack meetings, etc...  Parents are busy, so I always remembered to send information 3 times.  Once well ahead of time.  Once when we were ready for parents to start taking action.  Once near the event or signup deadline. 3. at pack meetings the CC has one job - to talk with parents.  Meet them, get to know them, answer questions.
    • I would tell him that BSA was supposed to be apolitical.  A better project would be an education campaign about plastics, or about plastic recycling.  Wish I could read the linked article.  
    • Many of our pack parents are not interested in the financials. They just show up to meetings are events. Getting volunteers to help is a topic of another day haha. I am not sure if the bylaws are from another CC or if it is something our CO has asked us to have. It could be a council thing as well. The former CC did not give me ANY training or heads up on the position. Just did a 'tag your it' and poof gone. She was a treasurer last year but then just drop the bomb of her leaving so that left us with another mess we are dealing with. Again, the bylaws we are all talking about tonight. I am hoping we get them all figured out and can begin building a parent handbook. Something both leaders and parents can reference together so everyone is on the same page. I feel like my brain and hands are not communicating lol. The only time the parents are 'informed' on how our pack works, is when the former did a power point presentation and it as a generic one from council. That was it. So we would have to field questions blind as she was never around to or give contradicting information. She would never clue us in on things and when we asked about them, we got a duh look or a dont you know type question. I want to build a better pack. A better relationship between leaders in a whole and also with parents.  
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