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    • We freeze ours and they seem to last pretty well. While GSUSA states girls sell their cookies, my past experience is that parents sell A LOT of cookies in the office.  I can't tell you how many flyers I see from parents.  With many working at home, I'm sure those office sales dropped way off.   My daughter sold hers online but didn't go door to door so sales were down.  I like what our BSA council did for popcorn.  They created door hangers to allow Cub Scouts to go door to door without interfacing with adults and thus, avoiding the Covid risk.  Then people could call/contact the scout to place their orders.  It sounds like it worked well for the Packs who participated.
    • Makes sense, we typical look for a GS in our neighborhood and purchase A LOT of cookies from her. They were nowhere to be seen this year. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind. I need to remind my wife about the 12 month shelf life because we are still nibbling on last years batch. Or are they year before?  Barry
    • I rely heavily on CalTopo.com. The ability to customize maps or aerial photos, coupled with a layer of existing trails, makes it a go-to when I need to generate a .pdf for our troop. Not sure if it’s shareable, but here’s a link to one that I train our scouts on https://caltopo.com/m/D202. I’ve added markers for insertion points, geocaches, campsites, and distance radii.
    • There’s still hope for us for GS/USA cookie gluttons: https://text.npr.org/1006373856  
    • While in Maine, I have been using https://www.mainetrailfinder.com It is free, as in free - no registration, no fees, simple-get-you-started, accurate directions/parking and fees (if any).  Map quality is limited, i,e, topography, so you will likely need another map source. Current weather is linked but not necessarily trail conditions. It has a "earn a badge section" for those so motivated.   Below is the Virtuous Volunteer patch, alas poor Pacman, ...a fellow of infinite jest... Other sites that I have used New England Trail (NET, mostly CT and MA) information. Note MA has 3 major North-South trails:  Appalachian Trail (AT), New England Trail (NET), and Mid-State Trail (some sections too urban). https://newenglandtrail.org https://newenglandtrailconditions.com Plenty more resources out there, please post yours. How many trail miles will Scouts maintain and hike this summer?  My $0.02,      
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