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    • Hmmm.  That sounds like a good way to get a free tower.  🙂 We did JOTA at the North Star Scouting Museum in Minnesota, http://www.nssm.org as K0BSA.  The management of the museum has recently undergone some changes, and I think that's why the program didn't get very well publicized this year, so the turnout was very low.  On a positive note, though, we have a permanent antenna at the museum now, which should streamline future JOTA's and other events. In previous years, I've counseled Radio merit badge.  This year, for a change of pace, I decided to do Signs, Signals, and Codes, instead.  Six scouts completed it, including two girls, the first girls I've signed a blue card for.  They all did very well on both Morse Code and Semaphore.   73, W0IS
    • Don't forget the $60 Unit Recharter fee to national also. But I can definitely see this coming soon. 
    • Perhaps.  I suspect there is a rethinking of how Scouting is funded coming.  I think we all noticed the comment about council program fees being capped at the national fee.  I can certainly see in a few years: $60 to national $60 to council $60 to the unit I wouldn't be surprised to see $15 a month in fixed Scouting costs in a few years.  
    • Thank you @qwazse.  I asked for specifics and you kindly gave them.  I appreciate you replying with just what I asked for. In my mind, I'd probably try to find a way to make this work.  But, I can certainly see the value in having older Scouts experience the outdoors independent of adult supervision.  Yes, this would be a case where the BSA's higher priority of youth protection has impacted what you are able to realize in the outdoors with your scouts. I'd propose that this doesn't suggest the BSA values outdoor programs less than they used to - just that in 2019 protecting youth from abuse is the single highest priority today.  I see like a company building great things still putting the safety of their workers above their products and profits.
    • While $60 a year is not a deal breaker for me, and I'm glad that they at least kept the adult fees where they did, I feel like if they hear too much feedback that this increase is such a bargain, they'll figure they haven't reached the max dollar amount that they can charge. Then I'd worry more for what next year's increase will be.
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