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    • Welcome to Scouter, @Theone67, as to your question, my two cents would be “donation to the town of ____  built by troop 123, as part of an Eagle Leadership Service Project. “ Theres no RULE about your name, I just tend to be quieter in tooting my horn. 
    • I am working on my eagle project and just finished building 4 tables for a park. My scout master thinks it’s a good idea to make small plaque and put it under the table on a brave. It would say something along the lines of “ donation to the town of ____  built by troop 123 and lead by(my name)” I just wanted to know if this is ok because I am not all to sure I should put my name on them since it’s an eagle project. 
    • The CC was CM last year and I did coordinate with him.  He chose to take no action.  I have also witnessed this "Den Leader" vaping at camp on two occasions.  I don't want to have to get the COR involved, but I am not against taking that route if I need to.
    • Good post, thanks.  Our troop of 100 scouts ran pretty much the same way. One ASM to assist troop guides, one for camping and logistics, and one for QM. How many adults the SM requires is dependent on how well the scouts manage their program. Some years may require more adults than others as scouts age out and new blood learn the ropes. Barry
    • The only reason I would have ASM assign to a patrol would be in an age based patrol and then only for the first months. In our troop the ASMs are given specific responsibilities - one is our adult QM who helps the QM purchase items (adults have credit cards). He also will help the QM set a goal for his 6 month term and to set goals per month. He then reviews those goals on a monthly basis. The other ASM helps with the logistics of the camping program when the committee has not provided what is needed and he also is my backup when I am not present. Both  help keeping new parents from getting into patrol business or interfereing.  IMHO being an ASM should be boring - The SM provides the vision for the program, the scouts provide the program based on that framework. The ASM assists the SM when needed. This opinon is based on a troop 18 - 50 scouts, more than that the SM will need more help.
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