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    • Good news, indeed!  Sounds like the District Rep (a role I have served countless times) had a major discussion with the unit leaders and convinced them that an overturn on appeal was inevitable and they chose not to have the egg on their faces.  How they make the paperwork fit is not important now.  Congrats to the new Brother Eagle!
    • @PACAN, they are backpedaling. They are re-writing the minutes to say the board suspended and reconvened, closing its discussion on a different date. I would not be surprised if the District Advancement Chair does apologize in person. Hopefully the scouter who raised a ruckus does too. Make sure the members of the board get invited to the court of honor! Let this water run over the dam!
    • No that is not the proper procedure.  Signature from him?  Boards do not reconvene after they made a decision.  Sounds like they held their own appeal board. Maybe they read this forum topic. 😀 Too bad they put the scout through an unnecessary anxiety.   Did the caller apologize?
    • To be clear...it does snow at Woodruff, you just have to be there on the right weekend
    • I ❤️ Woodruff Scout Reservation so much!  ******** One of these days I'd like to do the Okpik camp at Northern Tier...Also, I ran across this while researching winter camping schools: http://www.bullmoosepatrol.com/bmp/2014/12/24/bsa-winter-camping-school-hypothermia I interacted briefly with this man from the Bull Moose Patrol at Madison's annual Canoecopia event--paddle sports oriented. Seems like legit outdoorsman.
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