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    • Son #1 [sometime between 4th and 6th grade while we were walking to see fireworks]: Why did you make us read the whole Declaration of Independence before we could have dessert? Me: Well, it is Independence Day. Son #1: But we read this stuff in school. Me: So, did you read it in school this year? Son #1: No. Me: I like when you answer your own question.
    • Thanks for all the comments - this has gone a wee bit off topic.... There is still a bunch about the Summit session that I dont know yet, but I see in the schedule that participants get to visit the Consol Energy Bridge, the Sustainability Treehouse and get to ride the Big Zip.  
    • Don't know about the US Citizenship test, but when I had a group of 5 HS aged Scouts who had Civics already and a 5th grade homeschooled Webelos, NONE of the HS students could talk to me about the various components of the Cit Nat MB, except their favorite monument in DC, which we did the day before. The 5th grader on the other the other hand, did know the answers and could talk about them.
    • Hmmm.  I seem to recall my council allowing scouts to sell surplus popcorn from the annual campaign to fund summer camp, jambo, or eagle projects.  
    • When I took it we didn't open any of the supplys in my kit but we did discuss expeiration date and went through the kit and noted what was expired and what could be added to be better prepared. Our troop pays for this kind of training scout or adult and the troop should provide their first aid kit so it can be checked also.  Wilderness first aid is one of the requirements for National Outdoor Award Medal so he should take a look at this to see if its something he could earn.  
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