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    • The LCs aren't really kicking in an extra $100M. That only applies IF the pension plan is overfunded. After the latest market turbulence, it isn't and the $100M will be going to the pension plan, NOT the trust fund.
    • Inherently wrong?  No, but it's not quite that easy.  Issues... Who works with the scouts? SM works with scouts CC works with adult committee members to keep the troop moving Vague grey area ... scout parents ... IMHO, this is where coordination between SM and CC (and rest of committee) is critical.  Talking to the scout parents is to help execute the scout program (SM job).   My answer:  Don't subvert the SM.  Communication should be always consistent with the SM plan.  You can look for the MB opportunities, but follow the SMs lead to provide these opportunities to the scouts.  Absolutely, educate, debate and influence the SM.  Key point is that the SM works with the scouts.  How should the scouts find MB opportunities? Controversial.  IMHO, MBs come at the scouts in many different ways.   Scouts searching for MBs to fulfil advancement.   Camp offered MBs.  Troop offered.  Special opportunities.  ... IMHO, some of the special opportunities have been the most memorable.   My answer:  Focus on great experiences over advancement and over doing scouting the exact right way.   Generally, scouting is a social program.  Talk with the SM.  Work toward consensus.  
    • Is there anything inherently wrong with the Committee Chair (me) searching the internet and locating MB opportunities to provide to the Troop so they can take advantage or not.   Or is it something Scouts need to look for and find on their own if they want it? My search tonight is turning up Scuba Diving, Railroading, Aviation, etc.  Stuff like that,
    • Told by who? Maybe this is just a misunderstanding. Ask the council exec what's going on.
    • I've never heard of a national level investigation.  Local councils investigate, remove membership and submit records to national for their ineligible volunteer files.   Perhaps someone has heard of a national investigation.  I haven't.   Who told him?  Did he receive a letter telling him he is suspended from scouting pending conclusion of the investigation?   Does your son have any conflicts or other interpersonal experiences that might have escalated?  I've often seen over zealous complaints submitted by upset parents.  By "over zealous", I mean the complaint itself is a type of abuse against the scout and/or his family.   Your son might not have been directly involved.  ... example ... A bad event involving others results in a report.  Someone might have written that others knew and/or did not follow the rules. Scouting investigates are a different breed.  It's confidential.  It's not a trial.  You don't get to see the complaint and/or defend yourself.  If there was a possibility of a crime, mandatory reporting to police would have already happened.  So, it's some type of conflict inside scouting.  ... Worst that can happen is membership revoked.  I've never seen Eagle taken away.  ... If the local council can't cleanly complete the investigation, individuals are often removed to protect BSA.  Membership is a privilege.   IMHO ... Your son should do everything he can to defend and/or protect himself.  Follow-up. Move on.  I love scouting, but it's not everything in the world.  If the magic is gone, find the next great experience / activity / adventure.
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