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    • I used to hold my OA flap on with two small safety pins. Done properly, you can’t see a thing.
    • How are you trying to attach them @Haukehaien? Like others, I sew them by hand - though I dont bother with keeping the pocket usable.  If it is going to be there very temporarily, I'll staple them and leave it at that.
    • UPDATE: Found out the young lady will NOT be attending the camp out last night. When the CM found out, she told the Tiger DL she didn't need to go. Tiger DL stated she will still be going, "if it's Scouting I'm going." And if she goes her Tiger goes. 😠 Family Scouting, you gotta love it.
    • OK, I cannot find my old papers and what not. Going from memory. Girls mature faster because the onset of puberty starts earlier and the hormones released throughout the body. The hormones do affect behavior and that is why girls tend to be more organized and nurturing. I had some time yesterday at work to look up data, and it is very interesting. I have not read all the stuff, but from glancing over the material, women's brains and men's brains are different. Different portions of the brain control different aspects of behavior. Those areas vary in size and proportion to total brain size between males and females. Since puberty starts earlier for females than males, their brains actually increase in size rapidly faster and their brains may be larger than male brains at this point in life. Over time, male's brain size do catch up and then exceed females' brains by 8-12% BSA has come up with the "LINKED TROOPS" Model which allows the girls troop to share committee, equipment, meeting space and time, camp outs, and ASMs, If two troops are meeting at the same time, share the same leaders, and do activities at the same time and place, is it really 2 troops, or 1 troop? On paper it may be separate, reality says it's coed. And do not think this won't happen. Some packs, like the one I'm working with, have combined the girls' den with the boys' den for meetings. It is really a coed den. And at the town hall meeting I attended, I told my key three exactly what Scouters in my area told me, the girls' troops would be paper troops, they would be doing everything with the boys's troop. And many in my town hall agreed with that sentiment
    • Riding a hatchet? Ouch! 😂
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