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Pack and Troop Adult Leader Registration

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  • Pack and Troop Adult Leader Registration

    My son recently crossed over to a Troop (whee!) and I've been asked if I want to be an Assistant Scoutmaster, having been Den Leader wolf-webelos. But I'm currently the registered Committee Chair of the Pack, and I want to make sure the Pack succeeds over the next two years (there is no Webelos I den, but strong Bear, Wolf, and Tiger Dens). My CC registration lasts until December, do I register as a ASM and have both registrations, or if I complete the ASM application does the Pack no longer have a CC?

    Right now, I'm thinking of completing the ASM training, but not register/be directly involved in the Troop until next year (to give the boys some distance from me starting out).

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    Yes, you can be multiple registered and wear a different hat in each unit. No extra cost (except the paperwork) to do so.

    Sounds like you have a good plan.

    Thanks for your service and enjoy the boys.


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      Just complete another registration, I don't think dual registrations have to both be paid for, one registration fee will serve for both.


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        Choose ONE prime position with a home unit (? CC with Pack?) and pay registration with that unit. When you register as another position (ASM, Den Leader, Merit Badge Counselor, etc. ), check "multiple registration", list your Scout ID number (ALWAYS use the exact same version of your name) and smile and wave as you go by.... Oh, and keep your YPTraining up to date.


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          Yeah, I'm Pack CC, and a Troop MC. I don't have a boy in the Troop, but I've sat for a BOR and when picking stuff up for the Pack, I can sign for stuff for the Troop.

          Keep training up to date for all positions. When you re-charter, there is an option at the end for indicating that someone is paid in another unit, it's counter intuitive but it's after the Boy's Life screen IIRC.

          Do NOT have the Troop "transfer" you (which costs $1), just dual register and keep both. Next year, decide which Unit is paying for you.

          It is wonderful, and critical that you are involved in the Pack that you put effort into to transition, but consider how long you want to do both. The Pack needs to cultivate new adult leaders, both to run itself, and to train new leaders for the Troop. If you are staying on as Pack Committee Chair, make sure you spend time not just doing the paperwork (that's easy and can be done at midnight), but running the committee as it ought to run. Have a monthly meeting, delegate responsibilities, train a Vice Chair of the Committee. If you want a 2 year transition, year 1 is making the committee real and not on paper, year 2 is training the Vice Chair to become the Chair.

          Good luck. Committee Chair is easily as much work as Cubmaster, and possibly as critical.


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            If the pack does not have an official Pack Trainer that is an excellent position for you. Basically you facilitate training and tracking for all the leaders and orient new families to the pack. It is the one position that really requires experience.