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  • PTC stories?

    Hello all -- I've been looking at courses listed at PTC. Quite a few of them sound interesting to me, so I'm interested in hearing stories that some of you might have from your experiences. Anyone willing to share? A particularly good course? How the week went? Family experiences out there?


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    It is an experience you will never regret and $$ well spent !! Depending on what area of Scouting you in (Cub,Scout,Venturing,Exp, Committee,District or Counsel) there is something for you.
    I personely go during Commish week(wk 3 this yr)and it is great!! Not only do you have in depth learning but the interaction and chatting with others from all over are just as profitable in the "info" area.
    All meals are included,wifi+electric in our tents,crafts and activities are readily available for the family if you would like to make it a family vacation. There is time usually on Wed to do a little further sightseeing in the surrounding area or just kick back and read a book by your tent and enjoy the weather.
    last yr I took my Grandson and sent him on a shorter version of the Mountain Treks offered for PTC Youth, he had a ball, in fact his troop hit the Northern Tier a month later and he reported back he had more fun at Philmont because of the activities they had in their Camp at the end of each day!!.
    Look at the descriptions of the courses,see what they offer, if you have taken a shorter version at home Council of a course, don't be afraid to take the indepth one offered there- there is always more to learn.
    Remember to utilize and share with those back at home.

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      Week 10, Health and Safety / Risk Managment Course. You get interface time with National Staff, the Chair of the H&S Support Committee, and a SE who chairs the Risk Management Advisory Council.

      Plus it is one of the lighter volume weeks so less crowded, more interaction with other groups.


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          I went roughly a decade ago and was disappointed. The course I took was good, but not what was described--it was an intro-level course and not an advanced one--I could have taught said course. I gave a lot of feedback and they provided a more accurate description of the course the following year. I didn't make much $$$ at the time (and not much more now). I, literally, spent a month's pay between the course fee and travel out/back to/from Maine.

          That said, be sure whatever you pick is something you know little on and want to learn more about and you'll have a great time.


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            The Philmont Training Center is a great experience. I went out two years ago for the Webelos to 1st Class course and enjoyed the experience. I didn't necessarily learn anything there that I couldn't have learned in my Council, yet it was very nice to network with other committed Scouters and to take ideas back to my area from other parts of the country. I drove out there from the Chicago area with a good friend (we both attended the class). It was a great roadtrip and a time away from work and the wife...! We thought we would go out and see it before bringing our boys out as they weren't old enough at the time to go on a trek. My pal went back last summer with his two kids and they had a blast. I wasn't able to go back last year, but we do have Philmont as a goal for my son to do a trek in a year or two. I'll go back - if I can get fit (and stay fit), I'll do the trek as well. My son is off to Jamboree this summer and I'm on staff there as well. Assuming I meet my fitness goals - and I'm pretty close to where I need to be.

            Anyway, Philmont is a great experience. It was pretty moving to see all the enthusiasm from the boys that were there for a trek. I'm looking forward to going back.