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Personal, Private Messaging? Not yet?

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  • Personal, Private Messaging? Not yet?

    Any chance of the PM function being re-instated? I went to the "Messages" button, pushed "compose"and that page told me I was "not authorized to view this page". Ummmmm?

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    I can request a status update from the developer on that particular issue. I have the ability to send them, but I've never had any of the people reply. I assumed they can't get them.


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      I believe, I have fixed this. Can you guys try it out and report back if this is resolved or still an issue?


      - R


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        Just tried it. SSScout. Let us know if it was received on your end.


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          Ladies and Gentlemen. The Private message system appears to be working!


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            This is a new system. Just got back in from a Scout org conference, saw the above, did not see anything from in my regular email, checked the "messages" block above by my log in, and there's Qwasze's test. So if this is the way it's suppose to work, I would not know I had a message unless I purposely checked the "message" section above right.

            In the "old" system, we received a notification in our regular email, but it would have a code number to respond to, so we would not have the direct email unless we listed it ourselves. acted as "chaperone" between folks. If we wanted to respond directly, we could, if they provided the email. Here, we still don''t have that directness. I cannot send a file directly.

            Like the song said, "Is that all there is?"


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              > In the "old" system, we received a notification in our regular email

              This appears to be in the new site but the option to enable it seems to be missing or obscure. You can try this:
              click your profile name at top > user settings > notifications > email notifications > turn on

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            Nope. No luck. Tried sending to qwazse, I get " "Please enter at least one valid recipient. Type in the first four characters and you will get a list of matching user names" I will try again with and without caps.


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              Ssscout, the pm works only through the website. I sent you one and it went through. Reply by pm if you receive it. You will not see them unless you sign in.


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                Better than nothing. Definitely better than all of the buttons for a feature being there and nothing happening after you've typed a decent length message. Lots of folks have their E-mails from social sites buried in spam folders anyway, so for them, this might get their attention better when it matters. So, PM away, me lads! Hopefully, we'll have chances to make it each other's real campfires!