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  • SR6N Elections

    This past weekend (April 22-24) my section, SR6N, held it's annual elections. I was running for Vice-Chief of the Section unopposed all weekend. When Sunday rolled around the Host Lodge's chief decided he was going to run. At first the Section Chief said no, but later changed his mind because he extended the deadline for your paperwork to be turned in last year. We had to fill out a sheet saying why we thought that we were good candidates and it had to be signed by our Scout Executive or by his representative (per the Field Operations Guide). Our deadline to have it in was noon Sat. They let him run and he beat me. I feel that he had the advantage over me because his lodge put on a good conclave. I also felt that I got the shaft because the Section broke their own rules and let him run. I am upset about this but I now know that I have to start working for next year's election were I will be running for Section Chief because I have the aspirations to become a National Officer and I am almost too old. What do you all think?

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    It aint the first time it's happened and won't be the last, let me guess he was from wa-hi-nasa.


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      If there are written rules that were ignored, then you should appeal the election in a Scout-like manner. If there are no rules that address what happened, then you need to accept what happened and move on, and perhaps suggest a rules or by-laws change to close the loophole. Good luck.


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        235man, dont be a punk just becuz we hae like the the best lodge!!!!! Go wa-hi-nasa.........even though i wasnt there dont get pised


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          Ok, mtc trader, I am a little confused by your post. Are you from Lodge 235 or 111? I am assuming that you are from Wa-Hi-Nasa because your message board username is "mtc Trader" I am assuming that you are from Middle Tennessee Council. You wrote 235 man, I didn't know what that meant. You also wrote "go Wa-Hi-Nasa", that's great, good for you. Second, in no way am I being a "punk". I am mad at no one. I was angry at the situation and I was frustrated with the Section Chief at the time. You having the best lodge, which ever one it may be, had nothing to do with it. Third, I am definitely not upset with your lodge. I supported your candidate for Section Chief, I even helped with his campaign. So, in conclusion, your message was one, uncalled for. I started this thread to vent and see what people thought about the situation, no specific person, and two, your post was poorly constructed. You mispelled several words and used slang, leading me to believe that you are probably about 14 or 15 and aren't really that knowledgable in Section politics and rules and procedures. So, once you become more informed on the topic, let me know and we can do this again. I hope you reply to this post because I could use a little entertainment these days. Thanks!