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  1. Hey Guys.....and Gals I've been collecting flaps and CSP's for a few years, and now I've made quite a collection. Some of the guys from my lodge and close friends lately have asked to trade good trading material for my collections, and now I'm seriously entertaining the thought. So I just wanted to let ya'll know that a great collection may be up for sale to a reputable trader!! I have Wa-Hi-Nasa, Coosa, Middle Tennessee Council, NCAC, and all sorts of collections including some spoofs ( GOT MILK, WHERE'S SADDAM??) and a couple of others. Thanks, MTC Trader PM me if yo
  2. hey dude, i got some folks lookin out for me and one of my bros, has them and now im just tryin to get them from him, send me ur email adress on a pm and we'll talk off this site. then u can send me a pic or two of what ur lookin for. Thanks, BHK
  3. hey bud, i can promise you those patches together might.....might cost like maybe 20 bucks. But ill try and hook u up. Like the FLAP for 4-5$
  4. Hey, i might have some kawidas, if not, then i know some people that have them. MTCTRADER
  5. 235man, dont be a punk just becuz we hae like the the best lodge!!!!! Go wa-hi-nasa.........even though i wasnt there dont get pised
  6. Has anyone been to NT it is so much fun!!!!!! My troop from alexandria,VA wnet there this summer. ID recommend it over anything except for maybe Philmont. Anyways you should go to the one in Bisset, its killer, becuz you only see like one village the whole time youre up their and thats the basecamp. SO..... look into for a good backwoods trip and exercise. we went for 100k's. WWW YIS Hunter
  7. GO to your local scout shop, they usually have packs of them. THats where i got mine. If you cant find them, i can send you some if you wind up trading with me. BHK
  8. Doug, Id be glad to trade you 2:2 csp and flap. How bout that? just pm me with your email address. Oh, yes i have jsps from 2005 jambo. BHK
  9. jason, when you pm me, give me your email adress hunter
  10. jason, when you pm me, give me your email adress hunter
  11. jason, when you pm me, give me your email adress
  12. ok ill send you a personal message with address, can you send me one to with yours. if you can , i want your lodge flap too. thanks Hunter Colt
  13. i have all sorts of csp's from around the country, mostly Middle Tennessee Council and NCAC, because my dad is in the military and i move alot. if you want to trade, leave me a message and ill get back to you as soon as i can.The minnesota and erie patches sound interesting. Thanks, BHK MTC
  14. yeah, i have a couple ghosts that im willing to trade. one is a ghosted amangnemec-wipit flap, the other is my council strip BHK Middle tennessee Cuncil
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