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  • Philmont Grace - LŽnape

    Hello All,

    Here's a little something different to add to your OA gatherings when it comes time for meals - the Philmont Lnape:

    li mehmichink, li hahkwink,

    li lehlexeokn, li kkuna,

    li witiswakn k maehlana,

    Kishelmienk, wanshi, Na n lekch.

    Rough phonetic guide

    EH-lee may-h-MEE-cheeng, EH-lee eh-HAWH-hkweeng,

    EH-lee lay-h-lay-khay-OH-kahn, EH-lee keh-KOO-naw.

    EH-lee wee-tee-s-WAW-kahn ok maw-ay-h-LAW-naw,

    Kee-shay-l-MEE-ayng, waw-NIH-shee, naw n LAY-kech

    The CAPS indicate main stress in a word, dashes separate syllables in a word, is a schwa sound. Only tricky words are hahkwink and lehlexeokn -with the first, you have to make sure you pronounce the 'h' before the 'k' and with the second, the Lnape 'x' is like the so-called "ach-Laut in German - or the 'ch' in Scottish "loch".

    Works pretty neat at a Conclave or Lodge Conference.

    The only word order changed is the last line - it's more "Oh Lord, we thank you, Amen", stylistically it works better in Lnape with this order instead of the usual "we thank you, Oh Lord, Amen."

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    I tied my tounge in a knot trying to say that ...