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  • Lodge event patches

    I have a quick question. Is there anything, written or just understood, that says that the full pocket patches with flap are mainly for NOAC. We have a large event coming up in the fall and I was wondering about this.

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    i've seen pcoket and flap combos for lodge anniversaries and jambo as well. Now I've heard that one lodge made a full pocket patch to go with the lodge flap for dancer team and ceremony team members.


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      The 'full pocket patches' is actually a fairly recent phenom.

      Originally, lodges just did a NOAC flap. Then, a few NOACs back, some lodges started doing 2-piece NOAC sets (flap & full pocket patches). I think before that, some lodges were doing 2-pieces, but the patch wasn't a 'full pocket'.

      Keep in mind that for most people, if you do a 'full pocket patch', its intended to go with the flap. So doing a full pocket patch event patch, what particular lodge flap will it go with???


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        Looked through my collection and found from the 89 Jambo a 3 piece patch. The Jambo CSP, Lodge flap, and partial temp patch formed a giant patch. While the lodge flap and temp patch could be worn together to show a scene, the flap had an indentation for the CSP, and the CSP completed the scene. Hard to describe, but oh so cool to see.


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          Yes I did plan on making a flap for the fellowship. That is something that we have doen for several years. The lodge has gone through and made the flap and an event patch. Sometimes a little different than others.

          So the plan is to have a flap event combo for the fall fellowship


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            Cool, I just hope that they don't double book that weekend as currently scheduled. I hate missing Fellowship, but an Arrowman's first duty is to his unit, and mine WILL be at the Camp Charles Family Campout.


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              As of right now they are double booked. They had no intention of changing the date even though we discussed it. When I talked with AL again, I told him it was more than just the OA event. He said that he would try again.


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                I realize this is an old post but I just got back from our Lodge's fall conference and I noticed a few of these "full-pocket patches". In fact, a Scout from my unit designed a full-pocket compliment to our Lodge's flap. However, this particular addition is for our chapter, not NOAC or lodge.

                What do you all think of Scouters wearing these patches? I personally think they are neat but they also take up a lot of room on the shirt and look, well, a little too flashy for my tastes. Nevertheless, I purchased one this weekend to support my Scout. I don't know whether I'll put it on my uniform or not, though. It might just make its way to a patch blanket...


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                  Here is a link to the patch in question: