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New Scout Program/ Service Project for disAbled kids

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  • New Scout Program/ Service Project for disAbled kids

    Hello! First off: Don't get your knickers in a knot just yet, hear me out. So I'm in the MYP IB Program (see link) and we have to do 50 community service hours each year. I'm a girl that really wants to scout but I'm not keen on Venturing. (And obviously can't do Boy Scouts :l\) So I was thinking about CREATING my own scouting program, designed to help kids understand the disabled better and having fun scouting together. I have volunteered at Special Olympics, but am not really sure how to plan a program (skills, badges, activities) Any ideas?

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    Sorry! Here's the link:


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      I'm not sure I'm tracking what your goal is. Are trying to develop an org. similar to Scouting for disabled youth to participate in, an org for you to participate in other than Venturing, an org for non disabled youth to participate in with disabled partners, an org for non-disabled youth that focuses on service to the disabled?

      The first step is defining your PURPOSE. The METHODS (badges, advancement, activities, etc) are the steps to achieve the PURPOSE. Do you have a purpose/mission statement? The more clearly you define your goals, the easier it will be to design a program to meet your goals.


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        Sorry ntrog8r if I wasn't clear :P Basically I want a organization similar to Boy Scouting that is co-ed and emphasizes on working with disabled kids. Both disabled and non disabled youth could be scouts, as well as boys and girls ages 5-17.


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          If you don't feel that you could get enough interest in a single Venturing Crew that specialized in understanding/working with the disabled to make it viable, how on earth do you figure to get an entire new Scouting type corporation off the ground?

          You need to re-think this thing entirely.


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            Hmm... good point. Any ideas?


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              Continue your volunteering with the Special Olympics.

              Contact your local hospital to see if you can volunteer to work with disabled youth thru them.

              Contact your local March of Dimes.

              Check into summer camps for the disabled to see if you are old enough to be a camp staffer.

              Contact your local Lighthouse for the Blind.

              Contact local Big Brothers / Big Sisters.

              Contact local Easter Seals.

              Organize a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign.

              Do an Internet search for programs for disabled/special needs youth in your area. You can start here -

              Find what you are interested in, and volunteer.


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                Wow! Thanks for all your great ideas; the link helped out alot and I found some cool volunteering oppurtunities. Also, I'm going to try and see if my Council could start a new crew, because I found some people that would be interested in one. Thank you very much :]