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Piedmont Council has a numbered special edition Jamboree Patch

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  • Piedmont Council has a numbered special edition Jamboree Patch

    Limited Edition 100th Anniversary
    2010 National Jamboree Patches Auction


    2010 Centennial National Scout Jamboree
    The Piedmont Council has produced a unique shoulder patch for the 2010 National Jamboree in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America and recognizing Pete Docter, a Piedmont resident and the Oscar award winning director of the Disney-Pixar Studios movie Up.

    Visit the site, or call the office and see if you are lucky enough to get one of the remaining patches.

  • #2
    A little pricey don't you think?

    At $1000 for the #1 set bid, I think I'll pass.


    • #3
      That was just for the first one in the set of 100.

      The rest of the numbers 2 to 99 are going for $100 to raise funds for the jamboree troop.

      I was posting this to raise awareness so the kids could raise their funds.


      • #4
        Doesn't sound like the boys are raising the funds. Sounds like the adults are doing it for them.



        • #5
          That is correct I am spreading the news about these patches or in your words selling them.

          I am not a parent, just an alum that wanted to help out my council and thought posting here would be a fun way to spread some good news to friendly fellow scouts.

          I have found nothing but grumpy people, way to keep up the spirit of scouting boys.


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            Sorry Teamsanders, I am not grumpy at all! I am actually a rather jovial old curmudgeon. And I do hope now that you have found us you will stick around long enough to find the folks here are the most dedicated Scouters you will ever meet.

            Would it be good manners to come into someones home as a guest and then proceed to make a sales pitch? I wold be disappointed if a guest did that the first time he came into my house. I might wonder whether he really liked me or just saw me as a potential source of income.

            On another tanget, I can remember the day when we traded patches as a hobby. It was part of the brotherhood of Scouting. Now it seems to all be about scarcity, value, and purchasing via the internet without even a handhake to seal the deal. This saddens me.

            By the way, we have cool new CSP's from the newly created Great Lakes Council, which I would be glad to TRADE, one for one with my Scouter friends. Though I suppose we will have to settle for a cyber handshake



            • #7
              Way to join the Scouter forums only to hock your products.

              Try and participate a while, and give back to scouting, instead of only trying to sell stuff.

              Oh, and FYI, almost every other council in the US is selling limited or special edition patches to help fund their scouts' trip to the Jamboree. Just check out ebay. Nothing more or less special about the Piedmont Council's.


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                Am I the only one that thinks the kid on the patch looks like he is from the movie Wall-e?

                I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but those patches are hideous.


                • #9
                  Those will trade well at the Jamboree. They are unique and timely, scouts will want them.
                  As a fundraiser it is OK to make the world aware of what is on the market for collectors. Yes collectors. Have some of the readers ever followed a patch auction on the onternet or at a awap meet and seen some of the prices garnered? A good condition 1st edition Unami Lodge flap is big $.

                  Check out some of the council websites and see how many Jamboree CSPs are available to purchase for $100.00 per set etc.


                  • #10
                    Welcome to the forums. A more appropriate place would be the patch collecting thread. I know you are trying to raise money for your boys to go to Jambo, and that is not a problem, but every council is doing that. And some lodges too. Just wish my lodge would have put NSJ info on their flaps instead of circulating via word of mouth.