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Food options at Jambo

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  • Food options at Jambo

    Has anyone seen if there will be anywhere for kids to purchase lunch items other than the lunch snack packs they are being provided? Our contingent leaders werent 100% sure. My son can't eat eggs (no mayo). So tuna salad and chicken salad days are out for him. We were told he could trade if others were willing (I'm not counting on there being takers for warm tuna or chicken salad)

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    Unfortunately the BSA dietary guidelines tend to be: Carbs with a side of Carbs. Not that I agree at all with the Food pyramid or My Plate nonsense, but they clearly missed the part about whole grains. Summer sausage and almonds are always in my ration kit.


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      Not a very helpful post KDD. We don't allow the boys to bring snacks so I eat in the dining hall with the boys......I am not better than they are......

      My first question is it he is allergic or just doesn't like them??????

      If it is an allergy, I have found every single BSA camp very responsive to food allergys.....

      If he is truly allergic and it is noted on his medical form and your not getting any reassurances from your contingents scout master I would call the national jambo line at 972-580-2489... Have his member number and jambo troop number availble in case they ask.... I will bet that they will provide him a substitute..

      On the staff listing there is a listing for Retail food sales
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        BSA camps have been good about it - but there are more choices, and he has no problem with pb&j several times a week or a day

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      I was told that if a scout is allergic to a food, he should plan on bringing his own to supplement what he can eat. I think it would have been nice to have known this up front. I've suggested to my troop to bring a few snack items.


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        I looked a bit, and found ten food kiosks shown on the Jambo app. Additional food should not be a problem.


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          Thanks Second Class, I will look into that. My son has developed what the drs call intolerance to eggs. Basically everytime he eats eggs or egg based foods they cause him sever cramps and bowel distress. I had heard the same about food allergies that he kids should bring their own provisions. I find that a little odd - since halal and kosher is being accommodated but nut allergies, vegans for religious reasons and celiac (gluten free) aren't. I will reload the app and take a look (first time it wasn't working well)


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            It's also my understanding that kids are on the hook for special dietary needs. We were told the pods our equipment come out of will double as food storage for non-perishables.
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              Just found out the app doesn't work on my Verizon iPhone. What a royal pain in the behind!


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                Not for nothing - but a kid can no more help having dietary needs than what religion he is Born into/raised in. When did religion trump health? Losing faith in this organization