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  • Clip Art

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this request, but I can't think of a better one.

    I am looking for a particular piece of clip art. It's the full-color Tenderfoot emblem. Here's the kicker: I need it in a vector or EPS format. I have managed to find it in a GIF format, but that's designed for screen (not for print). I can't enlarge it without it quickly becoming pixelated beyond usability.

    Here you can see what I've found in GIF format:

    (It's a little distorted, but in the right format that can be corrected easily.)

    Does anyone know where I find this image in a scalable format? I know it's not an official BSA logo (they're all red/blue/black). What i'm looking for has beautiful gold fleur-de-lis, brown eagle wings, red/white/blue shield, etc., that almost appears 3-dimensional and really looks great on printed materials (like our troop recruitment brochure).

    Scanning a patch doesn't give the professional appearance that I'm looking for, and I don't have the graphics background to edit/convert it into a finished image. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Try this. It's a jpg. If it doesn't work, let me know & I'll see what I can do.

    Ed Mori
    Troop 1
    1 Peter 4:10


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      Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, that is just a scan of a patch. What I'm looking for has more the appearance of the GIF file in my original post. No shaded background, no threads, no border. It should look more like artwork with shading (illumination?), etc., not like a "product".

      Anyone else?


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        This isn't the tenderfoot patch, but it's the familiar red, white and blue logo, in vector format.


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          Thanks for the help, Eagle. I know all about the official logos at usscouts and the bsa website ( I use them.

          What I'm trying to find is the full-color version as shown in my original post, but in vector, eps, or jpeg format. Someone obviously created it and posted it as a GIF. I just want a scalable format of that image.


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            For anyone still looking for a scalable format of Scout Logos, I would be more than happy to convert your existing pics to vector files. I have already done this for my local troop so I have some on hand. They are not perfect, as I am not a professional artist, but unless you are a critic, I think they do nicely. Just email me. dbillett1 at

            Yes I intentionally spelled the "at" symbol @, so as to avoid bots and such.


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              Take a look at this one:

              It is SVG so you can delete the scroll. Let me know if you need help.

              More logos in PNG and SVG format at:

              We have a new editor who is *very* sharp at graphics who is cleaning up my SVGs so check back for more. Images in the other categories have not been cleaned up at all.