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If we needed any more proof our society is going nuts, read this.

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  • If we needed any more proof our society is going nuts, read this.

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    Pretty goofy.. I too have never heard of a having to wear a helmet to do a handstand.. What is dangerous with a cannon ball?.. I always thought of it as the safest dive, as you are not going head first where there may not be enough depth to the water, and it's hard to do a bellyflop while tucked into a ball..

    I like the looks of the stamps too.. Of course blue is my favorite color.


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      Besides the creepy faceless kids on those stamps, you read the link for the bicycle helmet article? Our scouts have nixed bike rides because of the draconian helmet rule. Wonder what the stats are for the cycling MB before and after the rule?


      • duckfoot
        duckfoot commented
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        I apologized...

      • Peregrinator
        Peregrinator commented
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        Even the pros use helmets.
        Yes, because they are forced to, not because they want to.

      • dedkad
        dedkad commented
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        I guess if you come from a state like packsaddle's that doesn't require helmets, getting the boys to wear one can become a battle. Wearing a helmet on a bike is just second nature for the kids here in California. The boys don't even question it, but if they do all you have to tell them is that it is the law and scouts obey laws.

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      Although I dislike the helmet rule, as I grew up without it my son was fine with it having grown up with it.. But, what I hated was the rule to ride with traffic.. I always argued the rule and taught my son bad habits.. Sorry, I grew up where there was no rule and so my mother taught me to face the traffic and I had a friend killed shortly after they started pushing this rule, because she followed it and rode with traffic and never saw the car behind her that mowed her and her bike down.. Yeah at intersections and driveways, you have to take precautions because driver may not look for you.. But, I prefer being in control of my safety then handing the control over the unknown driver in the cars.


      • moosetracker
        moosetracker commented
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        Oh I know.. Wearing a helmet when riding a bike isn't solely a BSA rule either.. The Let's move campaign is not BSA either.. I also understand why the rule was made thinking both as vehicles. We have had people arrested for peddling a bike while intoxicated.. It just is not safe for the biker is all, seriously puts them in danger.

      • Huzzar
        Huzzar commented
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        Many years ago I was working for the Florida Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles when we got word that a guy that was ticketed for DUI while riding a bike had his appeal to the Supreme Court rejected. He argued that a bike wasn't a motor vehicle thus he couldn't be DUI. After the Supreme Court ruling we had to update all the offense codes that applied to vehicles so they could also apply to bicycles. My favorite: Commiting a lewd and lascivious act while on a Bicycle, :-)

      • packsaddle
        packsaddle commented
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        Riding with traffic is law here as well, DuctTape. But we, and plenty of other states, don't require helmets, even for motorcycles. I wear one (and it has already saved my noggin one spectacular time) but most riders don't. I see more helmets worn (voluntarily) by bicycle than motorcycle riders. To me, I'm ok with this but I think the state should require that ALL persons riding two wheels should also be registered as organ donors. Might as well take advantage of a great resource.

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      What draconian helmet rule? Oh yeah, I think it's the one we've never heard of...


      • packsaddle
        packsaddle commented
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        When we do the cycling merit badge, the boys all wear helmets because their parents require it. BSA is irrelevant.

      • skeptic
        skeptic commented
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        Not only is it California law for bikes, it is law for ALL wheeled items such as skates, scooters, and skate boards, though other than bikes, there is an age limit for choice.

        In regard to helmets though, I am a good example of how important they are. I took a bad spill back in the old days in college; and I was really beat up, including a nasty head gash and ache. But it knocked some sense into me and I got a helmet. Admittedly, then I did not go to the doctor, but would not be surprised if I was a walking concussion for a bit, as I had a lot of problems for a month or so concentrating and such. Course it could also simply have been being 20 and in college; you know how distracting that can be.

        Years later, when I again began biking, I took another big spill. Landed on my head, but with a helmet. Had a headache, but otherwise was fine. The helmet though was cracked down the center from the impact. Had that helmet around a while to show to kids who had issues with the wearing of them.

        Still, much of this article and so on is simply nonsense. As others have said; you cannot protect them from everything; and trying makes them less able to deal later.

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      Here in the Peoples' Republic Of Massachusetts, there is a helmet law for cyclists. Penalty for violation: none. Go figure!