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  • Brand new to site

    Found this site looking for info concerning certification for BSA fire arms merit badge instructor.
    I hold civilian Fire arms instructor certifications through the NRA in Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and home defense along with
    Law Enforcement instructor certifications in the same disciplines except for home defense also through the NRA.
    I'm a 22 year veteran in law enforcement and have become active within my communities local Boy Scout troop.
    I'm sure I could get the information through my council but thought since it's the weekend I'd try here first.
    All information would be appreciated.

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    Write something here


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      Just went through this recently with a couple dads in our troop who are NRA instructors and chatted with the chairman of the Council's shooting sports group (I don't know if they officially rise to the level of "committee" or if it's just a bunch of guys who get it done.)

      According to him, if you want to take a troop shooting or reserve the ranges at one of the Scout camps, you only need to present you NRA certification to the ranger. But knowing how things really work, I'd make a call to the council office and try to get the name of the the person who ramrods (ha! nice pun) the shooting sports program and make an introduction. Otherwise I can imagine showing up at camp unannounced with a bunch of kids and ammo may not go as smoothly as advertised.

      As far as the merit badges go, you need to complete the normal applications for any merit badges and clip a copy of your NRA paperwork to it.

      I was under the impression there is some sort of formal BSA recognization of NRA training; that you presented your NRA cards and were registered as a BSA shooting instructor. No, it's not that formal. You get BSA certification only when you complete the week-long national camping school shooting sports director course.


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        And Jennifer's Council is in, ummm Mumbai, Chernobyl, Tashkent, or Chongqing, perhaps?


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          My name is Steve and I am a member of the Revolutionary War Veterans Assoc. a Non Profit Organization. We hold Appleseed events all over the country that teach Marksmanship and Heritage and are an excellent and inexpensive way for scouts to acquire their firearms badge. For more info


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            SSScout commented
            Editing a comment
            I have problems here, LMS2227. 1) There can't possibly be any Revolutionary War Veterans around, leastwise not from OUR Revolutionary War. I would favor choosing a different name for the group, one that truly reflects who you are, not who you wish you were. Maybe " Revolutionary War Remembered". The website mentioned does make a worthy pitch for their purpose, tho. 2) If the "appleseed" moniker refers to Johnny Appleseed, I would mention that John Chapman was a itinerant orchardist, a preacher for the Swedeborgian church and a "practical" pacifist. I doubt if he ever carried a gun, tho his father certainly did. . 3) I second Deaf Scouter's discription of the BSA Shooting Sports curriculum. As indicated, there is no single "firearms" badge. It would be good for the RWVA to note the need to meet BSA's credentials so they can, indeed , help the Scout learn the benefits of SAFE firearm use and earn his badges, as appropriate.

            Oh, and in case my comments were taken the wrong way, Welcome to the virtual cracker barrel, LMS2227! Have a sitdown and enjoy the banter....

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          National Camping Schools (NCS) covers 'Shooting Sports which requires training. There is difference levels within the training so even though you hold an NRA certification, you may still need something else that is BSA related.
          [URL=""][/URL=""] look here under the 'online training' tab on your right.
          [URL=""][/URL=""] Listing of Shooting Sports training.
          Here is a local council flyer so you can see the breakdown of what is required during the shooting sports (note that very bottom that even though you have NRA certification you still need other stuff) [URL=""][/URL=""]

          Youth Protection Training better known simply as YPT is a REQUIRED training for ANY person working with scouts. Must be renewed every two years. Go online and take it from PRINT your certificate right after you finish your course and keep it in a safe place. (This will be the colored version so its important you are connected to a printer AT the time of your online YPT training.) Some places required the colored version that cannot be reprinted at a later date because the colored version cannot be altered like the reprinted one at a later date.

          Merit badges of shooting sports: there is only two... Rifle and Shotgun. Someone already pointed out attaching your NRA certification to the MBC (merit badge counselor) form. [URL=""][/URL=""] It also requires a BSA application form if you are not a registered BSA member: [URL=""][/URL=""]

          Another great source of information is finding out who your local council is. Find out from their website what their summer cams names are along with the Camp Director of those camps. Getting the Camp Director name and contact info. Summer Camp are doing their summer camp employees slot fillings at this time of year.