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Companies against the BSA Policy

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  • Companies against the BSA Policy

    Is there somewhere on the net, that someone could manage a site that would just simply list all of the known
    companies, groups, and organizations that have spoken out against the BSA concerning their stand on homosexuality. This list would let everybody in the country know where these groups stand. I am not saying to create a list to boycott these groups, but once the public knows, they can choose to support or not support those groups. For instance, i haven't bought a Levi product in years for the very reason.
    It is just a thought. Anyone willing to take on this as a net list? What about the Scouter web site. They seem to be already established. I am always interested in knowing when companies and groups come out and remove their support from scouting. That when I remove my support from them and quite buting thier product.

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    Scouting for All, an organization working to change scoutings membership rules, maintains such a list at

    These lists are a bit difficulat to maintain. Corporations are usually happy to reveal who they fund because of the good PR it generates but are often reluctant to proclaim who they do not fund. Funding decisions change frequently. In general, Scouting for All, although they have a definite interest in promoting their cause, makes an honest effort to correctly reports funding.

    Yours in Scouting


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      Do companies really hold a position? I thought that only individuals held these opinions.

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    Sorry about the spelling,

    Next time I will use my spell checker!!


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      As a Scouter who feels strongly that the BSA policy is too restrictive and narrowly focused I would be interested in such a list for the opposite reason from jamessnow. However I hope America in general and the BSA in particular can avoid an "US" vs "THEM" mentality. More open and honest communication is needed to see why some people identify a person's influence as "immoral" while other equally well educated, equally well meaning, equally committed, and equally faithful people disagree. We need to come to some national policy that recognizes the legitimacy of different viewpoints. Not easy at all.