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    I need some ideas for fundraising, aside from the popcorn. I have several boys who will not be able to attend camp this summer if we do not raise enough money to help their parents pay for camp. PLEASE HELP, ALL IDEAS ARE GOOD ONES. THANK YOU.

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    You mean other than carwashes, peddling candy bars, refreshments at parades, recycling projects (from newspapers, to cans, to ink jet cartridges). How about, especially if you have a nice big chartered organization just chock full of seasoned citizens like most of the troops here in Florida, a silent auction for two scout teams to do chores around the house from yard clean up, to painting and trimming, garage cleaning, light moving. Have the teams decide what they are willing to do and for how many hours and let the bidding begin. You will also need an articulate scout to be the pitchman to go in and speak to the group. We were going to have a community yard sale and rent tables but it got canceled due to conflict with council event. Our most profitable fundraiser is peddling candy bars in front of the Sams club short shifts for the boys and the club matches what we raise. Many of the people put in a dollar and tell the scouts to eat the candy for them as they are watching their weight.


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      We're trying a pack rummage sale for the first time this spring. We're soliciting donations of items from pack families and the community, and have quite a pile going already. Leftover items will be donated to charity organizations in town.

      We're hoping it's a win-win situation. People that don't want to have their own rummage sale for a few things can give it to us (we pick it up). We'll price everything to sell, so buyers get good deals. We'll probably also have a brat/hot dog sale at the same time. Best of all, the kids don't have to sell yet another overpriced commercial fundraiser item.


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        I suggest you check out this e-book I compiled... It is collected from many sources and not everything is perfect for Scouting but it does have tons of ideas in it...

        Scott Robertson

        Helping leaders one resource at a time....


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          our girls just raised over $50 without doing anything other than torturing me LOL

          full story... when we planned our unit events this year one troop decided to put on a Valentine Tea for mother/daughter... since early fall all the leaders have joked with me about I have to wear a dress (I don't even recall the last time I wore one - I'm the one pictured in the dictionary next to "TOMBOY") so as I shared all this with my troop their brains started rolling... and I gave in and said ok. Since about November we've had juice bottles laid out with each of our pictures on it - the one who got most money in their jar HAD to wear a dress to February's event. Just took all the jugs to the bank this morning - we raised $58... and about 1/2 of that was all crammed into my jug LOL

          other fundraisers that have worked in our area for BSA and GS... pancake breakfasts, spagheti suppers, chili/soup suppers. My son's troop does pop can drives 3 times a year (1st saturday's after new years, momorial day, and labor day)


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            I see your post is about boys, so I don't know if these ideas fly for BSA. Besides cookies, our older girls have done wreath sales and gift wrapping for tips at book stores this year.

            Can you do a badge day, where you charge a reasonable fee for younger participants to come and complete a badge not normally offered elsewhere? A great way to raise money in a service-oriented way. Advertising, packing them in, and building a good reputation with repeated events seem to be keys to success.


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              Check with your local concert venue some of the outdoor ones pay groups to come sweep cigarette butts up the morning after.

              Our girls wait tables once a year at Big Boy Restaurant for tips.


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                I was looking at some of the things that were listed by the insane scouter. I just had a question about cookbooks. Has anyone had success with these. I was thinking about doing this and wondered if things went over well for your unit. I was thinking that we would have our parents and leaders contribute recipes and then publish the books and sell them at local shops.

                What are your success stories.


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                  Cookbooks are the classic Officers' Wives Club fundraiser and money sink. Cookbooks from years past are still available in many post gift shops.

                  If you have a supportive community you may be able to sell out by Christmas, but be prepared to have at least some inventory for two to three years.