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  • Successful first meeting!

    I haven't posted much, but some of you have been helpful so I wanted to update. My son had his first Cub Scout meeting tonight, and it went really well. There were only two older boys from his school already involved, but my son managed to talk two boys he rides the bus with into going to the meeting. Both boys are also very excited, and their moms were happy to be there, so hopefully they'll stick with it. I spoke with the committee chair, she was super nice and friendly. The cub master was happy to hear that my husband is interested in being den leader, and said that it would be no problem to work around my husbands rotating schedule at the fire department. We were planning on continuing to shop around for a pack, but we loved the vibe tonight, and it's the pack closest to us, to I think we're just going to stick with this one. I got the paperwork to sign my son up for day camp, and he's super crazy excited for that. The pack has a few things scheduled for the summer, but they don't have regular meetings throughout the summer, so we won't start regular meetings until after Labor Day. Thanks for the help and encouragement so far.

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    Beyond the usual 3 summertime activities it is somewhat rare for dens to have regular meetings. It is really easy to just go with what you first see, it is very hard to leave if things don't go well. If you can find the time keep your eyes open for other options just so you have a baseline for comparison. You don't need to include your son in the search initially.


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      I second shopping around with packs in your area. It is very easy to think the pack is great for a first impression. Where I am located our pack is starting back up the second week school starts up which is the 3rd week of August won't have any new boys till after recruitment in Sept sometime. I would suggest when school starts back up in your area to go to other packs and see how they run there show.


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        That is awesome that you were happy with what you've seen so far Around here, we can't 'shop around' much, as we're in such a secluded area with limited options. All the other packs that were semi-local disbanded or merged with ours. Like a lot of packs, we have our issues, but overall I am extremely happy with it and I hope you are with yours as well. To echo what was already said, if you have other options, it does not hurt to check them out (I would have myself if that was a possibility here.) Regardless of which pack you decide to go with, I wish you the best of luck. I hope he enjoys camp and you come to see other good things from this pack to save you some time in the long run