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Chuckwagon - building and other things

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  • Chuckwagon - building and other things

    New Topic.. The Chuckwagon... My Pack is building it.. I found one plan to build a CW on-line.. It was put out by the Nutfield District.. We have a Nutfield District in our council, but I don't know if it is our Nutfield..

    Was wondering if anyone else knew of other plans so I could give them a few options.. Or helpful tips on what to include, or pitfalls we need to try to avoid.

    We plan to crash a neighboring District's chuckwagon.. Our District hasn't held one for about 4 or 5 years.. I think it was the only one they ran that I know about.. I wasn't part of a pack so I do know how much fun the scouts had, but I was running a Training in an area where I watched them roll by getting to a station.. I did not think it went well.. I only noted about 5 or 6 wagons, and all the kids were very quiet and sort of looked like the western movie of a group of people who had been plodding along for weeks on the trail, and were bone weary and just plodding along zombie like.. The Chuckwagon we are going to is one that has run it for years, and my son being in a pack in this district went every year and had lots of fun.. It has at least 100 wagons.. They have to find a company nearby that will let us park and then they bus us in.. It's at the cub camp and they have things like the bb shooting range as one of the stations..

    So... When I contacted my DE, about info on the neighboring Chuckwagon, and he replied "Yes, they hold one.. We should do one this year also.. I can put you in contact with someone who can help you organize it... I put my foot down and said .... Nope.. Nope.. Nope.. We are going to our neighboring Districts CW...

    1) My pack is in no way shape or form ready to host any thing... We are a small group of just Tigers & wolves.. No one knows what a CW is, and we only have a few parents I would see as volunteering to help me..
    2) No one in our districts (except maybe a few who built a CW 5 years back, and maybe not even them) knows what a CW is.. And the one 5 years back wasn't very successful, it had low attendance and it was not held at the right time of year or in the right venue (Piggy backed onto a BS camporee in order to have the place held free of charge, and removed from them having to plan it.. But it was then held in a parking lot and very late fall at a ski resort where the weather was very cold in a wind tunnel (of course you could always get rain even if put in warmer weather.)

    So I told him it would be better that he not try to pull it off in the next 3 or 4 months, but rather take a year to year & ahalf and promote, advise and organize for a very well run, well planned event, with a lot of packs excited enough to take the time to build a CW and attend the event.

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    For the history buffs: Dan Beard's Prairie Schooner from his Boy Pioneers handbook:


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      My Grandfather built one completely authentic. Made his own nails, decorated it with old cans of different foods, all kinds of stuff. It took him several years, not exactly sure how long. He uses it for shows and pioneer cooking competitions.


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        Hmm... Me thinks you both are getting a little bit too authentic.. I was surprised that no one else has done a cub scout chuckwagon.. Do your district/ councils do cub scout chuckwagons?.. Or is this a unique thing in my council?


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          Never heard of it. Sounds neat though.

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        My Grandfather's chuckwagon has nothing to do with Scouting. He simply built his for fun. He also use to have two oxen that would pull the wagon.


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          Thanks EagleScout - I figured that.. I have seen full sized realistic looking chuckwagons.. They are awesome, and I am impressed with them..They also look like a lot of work and need to have people who are fully committed to a hobby that would include them. The ones I saw were for people doing Dutch oven cooking compititions.

          I was just surprised that except for two post on building realistic chuckwagons, no one has building plans or stories of pitfalls they had while building their chuckwagon.. Sort of has me thinking not many people hold this even or know what it is..

          I tried to post a photo of CS Chuckwagons, but the photo upload doesn't seem to work for me.. So here are some links.

          There are two pictures.. The first one is what we want to build.. Skip the one that looks like someone put a hoop cover on a little red wagon.. We want handbuilt, with wooden wheels. Some districts would create rules that would not accept the little red wagon.