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  • Tennis pin

    My son wants to earn the Cub Scout tennis belt loop and pin this summer. I am thrilled to help him do that. I don't really know anything about tennis beyond my high school physical education class. That is I remember how to keep score and I know the difference between a forehand and a backhand. Requirement 3 lists several things that sound very interesting that I would like to try, but I don't know what they are. Has anyone else taught this stuff? Do you know what they mean? Here is the requirement:

    Practice for 30 minutes in up to two practice sessions developing forehand techinques through (1) forehand bump ups with a bounce, (2) partner bump-ups with a target, (3) forehand alley rally, (4) forehand alley rally over a net, (5) drop-hit forehand bumps, (6) drop-hit catch in paris, and (7) toss-hit catch in paris.

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    Didn't know tennis was so riske'


    • st0ut717
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      Actually tennis was invented so boy and girls could play together. It was the original sports mixer.

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    I asked a friend who plays a lot of tennis, including club tournaments. Here is what he told me:

    "Not sure about some of these, maybe do a google search for tennis drills. Forehand alley rally is where each person stands on the right side of the court and hits forehands to the other. It's always over the net so 3 & 4 are the same. I think 1 & 5 is where you stand close to the net on the service line and hit volleys/short hops back and forth."


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      I remember as a kid learning tennis that we'd go to a place with a wall and hit the ball against the wall. There was a drawn line for where the net would be. Perhaps that would be how you do them separate?

      If it's you and your son, just do your best and look on you tube for drills. I managed to drill kids through volleyball pin at Day Camp... definitely a paper pin, pretty sure none of them can play, but they earned the pin. I practiced some different leadership models at day camp, and pencil whipping was efficient, the boys will look like war heros covered in metal, but I'm not sure what they learned... figured better to learn these lessons on my son getting a cheesy pin instead of a cheesy eagle scout...


      • King Ding Dong
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        I don't see the back boards at courts anymore, was a big help when I was a kid. Volleyball nets are a little tall for most cubs, we have used a badminton net with some success. They don't stand up to the punishment well thought.