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den meeting leadership requirements- just checking

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  • den meeting leadership requirements- just checking

    I'm thinking about asking parents to do webelos in fall. They'd only have to do once a month or less often. (5 webelos, but I think I can only count on parents of 3 boys) If they do webelos, is it correct that a registered leader, who has completed the youth protection stuff needs to be present? If so, how present? in the next room? In the same room, but other side? Trying to figure out how to multiply myself...

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    Definitely involve them all. I would try to get YPT for them as soon as you can. It's become a modern day parenting skill anyway. Do you have Internet where you meet? If so, see if someone can set up a computer for them to take the course during the meeting. If not see if a district trainer can come and give it to as many parents as possible. Encourage all adults to register as scout parents. But that's a secondary issue. With Webelos, two adults in the same room is a good idea. You are going to expect the boys to follow the buddy system, so you should model it. Obviously, if someone has to duck out for a few minutes that's fine.


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      If you can get two parents to work with the Webelos that would be GREAT! One does NOT have to be a registered leader. It is not even required that they take Youth Protection, although it would be HIGHLY recommended.

      If I remember correctly, all of your Pack's Cubs meet at the same time/place. If you are on premises for the Webelos parents to call on if necessary that should be sufficient. I would do a combined start of meeting flag ceremony, then have the 2 parents take the 5 Webelos off to do their own thing.

      Find out if any of your Pack's families (not just the Webelos) have a talent/interest/job that would tie into a Webelos Activity Badge, and ask them if they would be willing to share their knowledge/love with the Webelos. BSA has a Family Talent Survey that might be helpful -


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        That's a really great idea! I agree with the other folks--have your parents take Youth Protection Training. To expand on what ScoutNut said, in addition to asking the parents what their interests are, ask them if they know somebody who is an engineer or scientist or geologist, etc. who would be willing to come help out.


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          More help is always better. Bringing parents in to help with programs and activity pins with which they have some level of expertise is a great idea.

          But remember Webelos ain't Tigers. Don't let their help become "den leader of the month." Webelos is the first time boys begin to get a real feel for the small unit teamwork they'll hopefully experience in a Boy Scout patrol. Hopefully, your Webelos are experiencing Webelos resident camp and den camping with just their den leaders and each other -- not as a Cub Scout family camp. That's an important part of the transition to Boy Scouts.

          If I were to write a plan for a "distributed leadership" den arrangement I would have the Webelos DL responsible for the outdoors program (den camping, summer camp, Outdoorsman and maybe a few other related pins) and the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light requirements. The other parents could do any of the other activity pins where they have some level of experience.


          • christineka
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            Our church does not allow boys this age to go camping with the den, though we were able to make webelos camp an exception, since it was just boy and parent. The reason why I am looking for help with webelos is because the webelos leaders have family issues going on and can't do their jobs. The outdoor boy scout activity will be on fire safety for the outdoorsman badge. All, but one boy attended webelos' camp and earned a ton of stuff there. Because of the way church scouting works, 2 boys have earned webelos already, 1 has been working on it, and 2 are brand new to webelos. It's a bit tricky in webelos. Not a big deal in Wolves and bears.

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          Webelos Den Leaders
          Qualifications: Is at least 21 years old, subscribes to the Declaration of Religious Principle, and agrees to abide by the Scout Oath or Promise and the Scout Law. Possesses the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive leadership to youth. Should be interested in and enjoy working with boys and able to work with adults. May be a parent or guardian of one of the boys in the den. Recommended by the Cubmaster after consultation with parents or guardians of the Webelos Scouts involved, and approved by the pack committee and chartered organization. Registered as an adult leader of the BSA.

          Youth Protection
          Required Training

          • Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers.
          • Minimum two-deep leadership on all outings required. Two registered adult leaders, or one registered leader and a parent of a participating Scout or other adult, one of whom must be 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips and outings. Appropriate adult leadership must be present for all overnight Scouting activities; coed overnight activities – even those including parent and child – require male and female adult leaders, both of whom must be 21 years of age or older, and one of whom must be a registered member of the BSA.


          • ScoutNut
            ScoutNut commented
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            That is for den leaders. BSA encourages parents, and others, to be Webelos Activity Badge counselors. There is no BSA requirement that a Webelos Activity Badge counselor be registered.

            A den meeting is not considered to be an "outing". Two-deep does not apply (although a very good idea). The major YP rule to be followed is no one-on-one.

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          Speaking of Activity Badge counselors - a great place to find those are your council's list of Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselors.

          There are many Merit Badges that are similar to Cub Scout Activity Badges.
          Citizenship in the Community/Nation
          Family Life
          First Aid
          Personal Fitness
          And more

          Contact your Boy Scout Troop's Scoutmaster, and ask about Merit Badge Counselors. If he is no help, contact your District Commissioner, or District Executive. Heck, even the council Secretary might be able to get you a list.


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            ScoutNut keep telling yourself that...Registered Leadership is Required at Den Meetings.. Two Deep Leadership..Minimum 1 Registered and YP Current. The activity badge counselor may be an adult family member of a Webelos Scout, a pack leader, a teacher, a coach, or another adult qualified to teach one or more activity badges to Webelos Scouts. This is usually a temporary position and is not a registered BSA position. My Answer is About Webelos Den Leaders and What Is Required with them. Christineka asked about Requirements.. A Webelos Leader has to be present at Meetings and they Have to registered. As for Parents the General rule is that if they will be having contact with Other people's children they Need YP also, otherwise they may only assist their own child. As for limits there is no general rule as for the distance a Registered leader has to be from the Activities. Can a Registered leader do other things while at Meetings..Yes..Just Use Common sense BSA knows you can not be in multiple places at the same time. If possible ask all the Parents to Register as an Adult Volunteer and Take YP..Nothing says you Can Not have 30 Assistant Webelos Den Leaders..


            • qwazse
              qwazse commented
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              Boyscouts love paperwork!

              So, if you have a neighborhood expert (say a police officer) who is not registered, and only he DL who can stay for the entire meeting, can you have a den meeting?

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            Yes you can have a Meeting Because You have Two Deep Leadership one of Whom is Registered and has YP..