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How to do bear elective 12h - making a bird caller?

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  • How to do bear elective 12h - making a bird caller?

    Our den is completing elective 12 as part of our World Conservation Award. I'm stumped by 12h - making a bird caller. I've bought hardwood and screw eye, and tried making a sound - first without any lubricant, then using bowling resin. No success. What's the trick?

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    Cup your hands around it and say "Here, Birdie, Birdie, Birdie."




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      Find someones Grandpa who is a devoted hunter and have them bring their calls and an easy one to make. Bring him in to teach it. You might be as amazed as when we had a "grandpa" on a scout camp out and he called the turkeys right thru the camp site. I admit even I was pretty amazed.


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        I have an easier one. They did it at a Nature center.
        Take a 35mm film canister (what's that?). you may ne able to go to a film developer and get a bunch.
        Punch a hole in the end with a nail.
        Insert a coffee/drink stir (the one that looks like a tiny straw- single hole). Only put in a little ways so it is still covered by the canister.
        Toot into it.
        Takes some practicing but when it works you can hear it vibrate and it's supposed to be a turkey call.


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          Here is how my Den made a bird call that worked:
          We follow the direction in the Bear book but here are the details it leaves out:

          Large Chunky screw eyes (I mean large I purchased 3 inch long screw eyes that were 3/8 inch width at the base) I uses a 1/4 inch drill bit to get it started into the wood
          Large dowel (Cut into however many pieces you need)
          Rosin(I found in the bowling alley pro-shop) they are bags for drying your hands.(we just puff the screw eye with the bag)
          You don't need to inset the screw eye very far. Just a turn back and forth and it worked!!
          Good luck!!