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Changing Councils

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    I'm guessing Basementdweller is PEA GREEN with envy when he reads this thread...


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      Well we have 70 years in the current council (20 in the previous one). So in my opinion that is a factor against changing.
      Also we have scouts active in the OA lodge and all members would have to change lodges so that's a negative factor for changing.

      This is the kind of information I'm looking for.

      No one should envy the position we are in, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.


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        Seattle....No envy involved...... I am curious as to the reason......

        I seek out and provide a program despite the district and council.....Not with their assistance.

        While I would love to change districts so our horrible DE and his lackies don't get credit for our growing program........ We partake at different districts and councils programs to provide the best we can for our boys.


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          Let us know what happens (maybe I can get some pointers)


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            I think that if your CO changes addresses, you shouldn't lose vet status. Your new council may be just fine with calling you 90 years old.

            You might have to pay more for your current summer camp. You definitely switch lodges. You'd have a different district camporee and/or council camporee. You'd have different connections for going to jamboree. You'd be invited to a different monthly roundtable. You'd get different council emails. You'd have a different Eagle board and/or procedure. You'd have different patches to put on your uniforms. You might have a different person doing your Friends of Scouting presentation. You'd have a different contact for popcorn sales. You'd have a different OA team coming to do your election. If your unit number is already in use in the new council, you'd have to change the unit number. You'd have a different contact for rechartering. You might have a different process for handling rank awards and paperwork. There could be different policies at the council level.

            Some of those changes might be good and some might be bad, and I'm sure there are more. It would take a little bit of adjusting, so it would just depend on how bad things were with the current council.


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              The problem is with our District. The point I made was that these people change almost every year and the people causing problems today are all temporary (I've had 5 DEs in 9 years). Here today, gone tomorrow.


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                That won't change by moving into another council. That's everywhere,


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                  I know.


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                    Just don't worry bout the idiots at district.......

                    I attend round table and ask enough questions to get more questions asked........Like So that Trap shooting event that Raised $20k where did that money go.....The community fund for FOS......Really where did that money go????? He is to the point I can see the Oh crap look on his face when I raise my hand. Actually it is great sport.

                    Last month, the question was....So your charging the boys $20 each for the spring Camporee, what do they get for that money or what is it paying for???? Next thing ya know the cost was $10. Some really big questions were being asked about the finances of the event......$20 they got a patch, the camp was free, we hosted a station a piece, no awards for highest score......

                    Provide the best program possible despite the idiots......


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                      Well I'm not worried about the idiots from District (are they all idiots?) but our COR is insisting his concerns be heard.


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                        CORs wanting to be heard can be a good thing, if the COR has a legit complaint and understands the implications for the unit(s) they represent. It can be a bad thing, if the COR is hot-headed, doesn't understand how such a change will reverberate through the unit(s), fails to understand the program the CO sponsors, and/or has an illegitimate gripe.

                        In the first case, I'm for it (in general). Perhaps it will encourage one or both councils in question to take CO input more seriously.

                        In the second case, not so much.

                        In either case, it sounds like a meeting with the COR, unit leaders, and IH is in order to decide upon a common strategy and make sure everyone's voices are heard WITHIN the CO, not just between the COR and council.


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                          I don't want to make the change but the COR is correct in this case and justified in his request to be heard.
                          He's a very experienced (60 years) Scouter, past SM, CM COR of two units. Seems he's entitled to a little respect.
                          Everyone on this side of the isle is on board.


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                            Yes, a change of council can and does happen from time to time.

                            If all the Charter Parnters in a particular area (county) believe that their interest would be better served in a different council, they can petition to be reassigned.

                            The National Council is aware that current council boundries were drawn based on patters at that time, and due to a number of factors, those change.

                            Most often, the construction of an interstate, major employer, or something similar makes life different in a community than it was when a council and its boundries were set up, sometimes over 100 years ago.