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MSR Whisperlite stoves

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  • MSR Whisperlite stoves

    On the ScoutStuff website, it appears BSA sells an MSR whisperlite stove (#2324). Does anyone know if this is the standard whisperlite or the whisperlite internationale?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    It looks like it isn't quite either one.

    This is the page off REI with both. rand=MSR&hist=search%2Cbackpacking+stoves^jxBrand% 2CMSR

    It does burn kerosene which the standard one doesn't, but the the international has been changed to lighten it up.

    I'd say, if you only burn white gas, save $10 and get the shaker jet. If you want to burn kerosene, go this route. If you want to save a little weight and maybe burn unleaded, go for the international.

    The next time I see one in person, I'll know more. I've had a couple MSR Whisperlites for about 20 years, pretty much look exactly the same, just subtle improvements. Of course the same can be said of the Coleman two burners.


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      Thanks Cito.

      Just called supply twice. Both reps said the same thing, it runs on white gas and kerosene. I've also checked MSR's website and the same options you mentioned were there also. Maybe this is an old model national stocked up on a long time ago, since it only has a four-digit item number (I'm not sure when the 5-digit ones started, but I think the 6-digits started in the last year or two).

      I might just go with it since it's cheaper than the basic whisperlite with the 25% off sale going through Thursday. (only $67)


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        There's a new Whisperlite now that I just picked up (I've been needing a better stove), and it's called the Universal. On the whole, I really don't like a canister stove for backpacking, but particularly with the occasional restrictions on liquid fuels associated with Scouts, it is nice having the option. It features all the best of the International in that it can burn about anything, and now can even convert to canister fuels. I've tried burning it both ways, and I like it.


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          I had a really bad experience with an old Whisperlight a few years ago on a 50 miler. The stove was lit and I was giving it a couple of pumps when the valve broke. I jumped out of the way while I was getting sprayed with gas. I thought everything was OK until I heard the "WHOOMFF and noticed my right hand was on fire. I thought about stop drop and roll but I was standing on really sharp gravel. I couldn't tamp it into my shirt because I had synthetics on. I finally put it out.

          As I was nursing my wounds, One of the other leaders told me that it happens so fast he was unable to get any photos and wondered if we could re-create it.

          Damage was minimal with first and some minor second degree burns. Good news, I got to buy a new stove.


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            We're buying two MSR Pocket Rocket canister type stoves with the folding bases for stabilization for Philmont. I consider the canister stoves safer for scouts than liquid fuel stoves.


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              Hiking the AT saw more than one person with a stove that leaked fuel all over their pack.

              While canister is more expensive, I think the safety and convience is the big bonus.

              The only performance knock on canister stoves is gone with a new stove...sato makes it....It has a pressure regulator built into it that prevents/slows the separation of the gases so you don't end up with a cold burning stove at the end of your canister.... I bought one and it performs perfectly down to 18 degrees and in the past with my pocket rockets it would burn cold at the end of the canister.


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                I got an International for Christmas a few years back. I had one problem with it that was easily fixed with the repair kit that you bought separately.

                One interesting thing, and please someone tell me if I am wrong, but it appears the only difference between the regular Whisperlite and the International version is the international version has two jets that come wit it: one installed that handles one set of fuels, and a second that handles a different batch of fuels. In the more expensive repair kit, I believe the Expedition Repair kit., it has the second jet.

                Actually the six digit codes have been around since '96 at the earliest. I remember everything had a 6 digit code when I worked with supply. BUT only 5 of the digits were used in the catalogs.


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                  everybody complains about the plastic pump....The mandatory repair kits......yep....they are different.

                  I have the whisperlite and the XGK.....used both winter camping because isobutane didn't function well in the cold....I like stoves, yes I am a stove junky, I still have my peak 1 with pots I carried at philmont as a youth.....pretty cool...

                  Son fires up his pocket rocket and shakes his head at those kerosene stoves.....flaming and sputtering......


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                    My son got a Optimus Crux lite for his birthday. used it for the first time this weekend. I really like it and will be getting one for myself.