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How to store cooking utensils?

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  • How to store cooking utensils?

    Hello, my Webelos Den is transitioning from family camping to den camping which means they are starting to cook as a den as well. I'm looking for a better way to store the cooking utensils when they are not being used. Currently they are kept loose in a small duffel bag with other dry supplies (paper products, spices, etc.) When I was a Scout I recall that each patrol had a cooking utensil kit that included the spatula, ladle, large knife, small knife, can opener, etc. in a roll up carrying case. I haven't been able to locate something similar so I'm thinking of making my own.

    What do you use?

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    Personally I have a camp kitchen that I carry in a moderately sized tote. Everything I need is in there and I just grab it and head out the door. All cooking except for dutch oven and stove is taken care of.



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      I know what you're talking about. I haven't seen one recently. ScoutStuff sell this:

      Duluth Pack (great company) sells this, which may be what you remember:

      And here's another (more affordable):


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        Yes! Thank you infoscouter, that's exactly what I was looking for. I just ordered the CCS version. That saves me from buying or borrowing a sewing machine!


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          For $20 you're probably right. That'll do.

          For more durable storage of your best knives and sharpener, you may also want to consider an 18" length of PVC pipe with the cap glued on one end, a 1/4" hole on both caps, and a 24" rope through each end with a pigtail knot tied inside each cap.

          For the family, I do something similar to jblake. My good knife is in my camp box, with the blade covered by a folded piece of cardboard a little wider than the width of the knife. The camp box is useful if you have moms who want to be sure of a flat cooking surface, drying rack, comforts of home, etc.

          For my crew, I just pull out my mess kit and expect them to have at least one serviceable knife among them.


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            IF I were starting from scratch acquiring utensils for camping (w/ Scouts), I would buy spoons, spatulas, ladles, etc from Goodwill, and kitchen knives with (gasp)sheaths like this:
            Yes, I know, one more thing for the Scouts to lose :-), but the value for a while of keeping blades protected, seems worth it.