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  • Dad

    I sell Military surplus Alice Packs. My son went on his first backpacking/camping trip and used a medium Alice Pack with the external frame. It worked great for him, lightweight, durable, inexpensive and large enough to hold all of his gear. Has anybody else used this pack? [url][url]

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    So what's your unit, council, position in scouting, etc etc?

    As for ALICE packs, love them, have mine the past 23 years. Done 2 of my 3 50 milers with it, went to Europe for 3 month with it, and only got a replacement when I began carrying more stuff than it could hold. That's what happens when you get married, you start playing pack mule

    Now folks do know EBAY, local Army surplus stores, CRAIGSLIST, etc are other alternatives to getting one?

    Also the MOLLE gear has supplanted ALICE, and are based upon I beleicve ArcTeranyx packs right?


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      Unit- #502 District- Francis Peak
      As far as my position I am just a volunteer Dad. It worked so well for my boy I just thought I would throw it out there.

      I am familiar with the Molle gear, but have no idea about ArcTeranyx.

      Good to hear that you had so much use with your Alice Pack. Your are right that the availability is out there. Once again just throwing it out there.


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        Spam, spam, spammity spam.


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          Yep I think it's spam too, but i do like to give the benefit of the doubt. Plus ALICE packs do make good packs.

          While I have a Wind River internal frame pack now, I do love my ALICE and we have been through so much together: 2 Fifty Milers, NSJ, WSJ, 3 Months in Europe, and numerous trips, that I just cannot part with it. That's why it's on loan, stressing LOAN, to oldest son. I do recommend ALICE packs to anyone.

          On a side note Arc'teryx DID create both the MOLLE and ICBE packs used by the military today. They based it on their civilian packs, with mil-spec imprevements.

          Want to get one of those bad boys for myself, just cannot justify a new pack when the 10yo Wind River is still very usable.


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            Prolly Spam but,
            I Love ALICE if you need nearly indestructible heavy duty gear. But, for it's indestructibility you pay a weight premium.
            Also love MOLLE, not nearly as indestructible BUT not near the weight for capacity either. I'd buy and carry MOLLE at Philmont, but would plan on a sewing session when I got back.

            I am currently wearing a commercial pack but it transfers the load really well even though I am paying a weight premium, I want a GoLite Odyssey or Quest, but would use the Molle I had when I was in if I could get one at a reasonable price.


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              Beavah, yeah I had the same reflex thought when I saw the OP a few days ago. The OP account is closed so I leave it to the rest of you guys to decide the fate of the discussion.


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                FOR THE LAST TIME I TOLD YOU I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!! Sorry, couldn't help throwing in the Monty Python reference.

                As far as ALICE goes, they are great packs, I've used mine for years, and am just now switching to MOLLE gear. However, I am still hanging on to ALICE, because it can take a beating like no other pack. My only complaint is that since MOLLE is taking over everywhere, it can be a little hard to find certain ALICE items.




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                  Spam or no, Alice packs are great...they can handle whatever a GI or a Scout can dish out.......


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                    So I need to pick up my ALICE accessories now? I haven't played with MOLLE stuff yet, but I thought that MOLLE accessory pouches would work on the ALICE packs, they just don't use the metal clips.