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    Originally posted by Basementdweller
    So topshot.....I am interested in hearing what your question were and how they got answered???????
    Not sure how what I asked is relevant to the discussion but:
    Is the omission of the Scuba MB an error? If not, are those hours to be counted as "swimming"? YES, Scuba is a valid MB

    Would the hours needed to earn Boardsailing and Snorkeling emblems count as "swimming"? YES

    Then I asked a followup, Whether any activities before the award was available should count, similar to how merit badges are done where they don't count? YES, prior activities any time during Boy Scout or Venturing carreer count.

    Not sure what you mean by how they got answered. I was emailed back. Seems simple enough.


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      I would count it only as 3g. I'd count hauling a sled as backpacking for the part where you haul your entire camp with you on the sled. He only did 12 miles of that.

      Similarly, if he had done this trip with an actual backpack, carrying the backpack only 12 miles total, and carrying a daypack for the rest of the hiking, I would not count that as 20 miles of backpacking either.