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Do you think this qualifies for Nat Outdoor Adventure

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  • Do you think this qualifies for Nat Outdoor Adventure

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    It sounds to me as if 3g is the better fit. And though, if it were me, I would accept the hauling a sled in skis as eqiuvalent of backpacking, I don't think I would accept 20 miles of day hikes from a base camp as backpacking - I think the intent is that the backpacking would be 20 miles so if they covered 20 miles while hauling the sled might satisfy the requirement, but hauling the sled 6 miles to a base camp then doing a lot of day hiking doesn't quite meet it. I wouldn't accept someone backpacking 5 miles to a site in the summer then day hiking 15 miles as 20 miles of backpacking, and it being a winter activity wouldn't change that.


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      He is definitely counting it as 3g but each trip can fulfill multiple criteria. He just wondered if it would count as both 3a and 3g.

      So what do you think about the Sea Base Live Aboard program qualifying for 3g & 3b? They certainly sail more than 50 miles as they putter around for the 5 days they are on the ocean. It's not 25 out and 25 back.

      (simply asking out of curiosity; I am not trying to be argumentative.)


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        True - it's not 25 out and 25 back - but it's 50 as one distinct activity. If they were to sail 10 miles, drop anchor, then spend the next few days using the boats dinghy or raft to do 30 miles worth of day trips, then sail back 10 miles, I would not count that as a 50 mile sailing trip.


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          Didn't we have this same discussion about the riding portion of the badge for your son???????

          If my memory serves me right......the discussion was under the auspices? riding your bike around the neighborhood still doesn't count, with your troop or patrol only.

          Now we are quibbling about miles on a sail boat?????

          or hiking over multiple days at northern tier???

          Honestly who wants the award, you or your son? I know my son could careless about awards or patches.


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            I posted my reply under the debugging thread because it gave me an error when I tried to post here.


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     response.....My son and his patrol could careless about advancement. They plan the outings, menu, buy it and cook it after setting up camp....then are surprised when I ask for their book and sign off a couple requirements.

              I presented this recongition oppurtunity to them a couple of months ago.....They just don't seem interested. Although I have a couple that just need the hiking and cooking merit badge to complete 2 segments.


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                Basement - chill out, please. He wants to earn the award and is asking me questions about what counts. I have no stinking idea how to answer most of them and neither does anyone in our District. Everyone is either too new in their position or just doesn't care. I assumed this forum was an appropriate place to ask our questions.

                And yes, we did discuss the riding segment. That has been settled long ago.

                And no one is quibbling about miles on a sailboat. DS has questions about what acitivities fulfill the backpacking requirements. I brought up the sailboat thing as a rabbit trail.

                Geesh, Basement, I hope you extend more kindness and courtesy to the scouts in real life than you do to those online.

                FYI - DS is trying to do something in scouts that will set him apart from the masses. He had a college admissions officer tell him that with 50,000+ Eagles this year, earning Eagle is not enough anymore. This particular school is looking for something more, something that says this kid did something in scouts. DS thought that the NOA would do it.


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                  Qwazse - your response is quite helpful and exactly what I was looking for. I will let him read the replies and he can determine for himself what he wishes to do. It will probably be a while before he applies for the Adventure segment (if he ever gets to that point) and he may not need or want to count an activity twice.

                  The nice thing about being interested in high adventure is meeting people who are like minded. When he was at Northern Tier he learned about the Triple Crown and how by earning it most scouts can also earn the NOA- Adventure segment. One scout told him he counted the 10 day Philmont Trek as three separate acitivities.

                  Unfortunately there is also a lot of misinformation being passed along between the scouts. Hence, DS's questions.


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                    I could see how philmont could do three, rock climb, backpacking and then the High adventure base visit. I don't see breaking a ten day trek up and then counting it for 3 seperate days of backpacking.

                    Just don't have patience for scout or scouter pretending to be lawyers mincing words to earn advancement or activities..... Either he did it or didn't do it....... The rest let your concious guide you.


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                      Susan.Fitzhugh has been answering some of my questions regarding these awards. Add for her email.


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                        So topshot.....I am interested in hearing what your question were and how they got answered???????

                        Ya know mom.....the college admission guys are right.......There are that many eagles.....How many actually earned it as the requirements are written?????


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                          Originally posted by Eaglemom2b
                          He had a college admissions officer tell him that with 50,000+ Eagles this year, earning Eagle is not enough anymore. This particular school is looking for something more, something that says this kid did something in scouts. DS thought that the NOA would do it.
                          Eagle not enough? How sad.

                          Philmont staff. That would say a lot. For me, getting patches for doing stuff is much as the "paper Eagles". What screams out is when someone teaches NYLT for a few years, staff's a good summer camp or high adventure base. You get no patches, no "glory", no recognition other than hard work and the occassional thank you. I tell my kids don't sweat the patches, but actually DO something where you can say "I did a good job and made a difference".


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                            Awards are nice, but it seems like "Everyone gets a trophy" these days. I know that I still get surprised looks when I talk abtou soe of the things I did in Scouting as a youth and how much responsibility i had placed on me at a young age.


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                              Eaglemom2b.....everytime I read the alias I chuckle.......How do you know?????

                              I hope my son earns his eagle. He is currently having fun in scouting, Attending NYLT, Summer camp and Jambo this summer. But bottom line is......His choice. If he burns out and choses to quit, I will be disappointed but accept his choice.